When Someone Trips Over A Hobbit You Just Have To Laugh

7 years ago

People take life too seriously, but what do I know I've only been around for 7,670.08617 days. It's inevitable that somewhere along the way someone is going to fall off of a pole, smack their head, trip over a hobbit or get assaulted by a turkey. It's funny shit no matter where you stand. I am usually the dumb-ass who on the one day a year I wear a dress has tripped over a blade of grass and is now spread eagle in front 2,300 people. It always plays out in slow motion too - I watch myself trip, feel myself falling, do nothing to stop myself and am in a fit of laughter before I assume the spread eagle position. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? On the rare occasions that other people have bought of clumsiness I dissolve into giggles which can only be compared to those inappropriate giggle fits in science class when you should have been listening to the teacher explain the experiment that may or may not be able to cause you bodily harm if done incorrectly. In my book - the more you can laugh at in life the better. It helps heal your soul.


We spend too much time focusing on our "pet peeves"- the asshole driver who cut us off just to get stopped at the same light, the obnoxious child in the restaurant whose parents seem to have all but abandoned them, the arrogant guy on the train talking to his wife about what they are having for dinner 10 decibels above everyone else. It has gotten to the point where everything bothers us. The pet peeves have set up shop and have taken over our lives, and can do a pretty good job at ruining our day. I am just as guilty of letting my "peeves" get the best of me, especially when I am not taking my cough cough pills cough. I have to constantly remind myself of the other persons point of view - maybe the asshole in the car is trying to get to his sick wife, maybe the parents are so overtired they have just learned to tune out the whiny kid, and maybe the arrogant guy is partially deaf. I make up these scenarios in my head all day, but I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one who is trying to be understanding of other people. I wonder if other people remind themselves that they are not Jesus, Allah, Brahma, Ra or any other supreme being. And then I wonder what would happen if we spent all of the time we spend being peeved, laughing. Laugh at the absurdity of the asshole driver, the checked out parents and the arrogant guy. Maybe we would live longer or maybe it would make no difference, but how are we to know.


Maybe its all about how you look at things - maybe we should shift over a few seats and try and look at things with a slightly different angle. It's possible that we could discover a few things about ourselves.



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