When life gives you lemons, grab the Vodka

5 years ago

When life gives you lemons make lemonade...and then, in my case, add vodka to it!

These beautiful ladies were once my classmates and teacher in the Medical Assistant Program at Bryant and Stratton College here in Milwaukee (I'm not in the picture since I'm the one who took the picture).  They're all holding an autographed Willie Davis picture that was one of the perks of my former radio career...I worked at a radio station owned by him, and I simply asked him one afternoon shortly before Christmas, "would you mind signing a few autographs for some of my friends?"

"Of course," he said.  "How many friends do you have?"

Oh man, poor Willie!  But this is how great this man is...he signed each and every one of those autographs and never complained..."I'm sorry what?  Who is Willie Davis?  Are you kidding me?   Only one of the greatest Green Bay Packer defensive end ever!!!  And can I tell you something else?  Willie personally wrote Love, from Willie Davis, Pro football Hall of Fame, on every single one of them!

And do you want to know the one stupid thing I did at this radio station before I got laid-off?  I never asked for an autograph for myself!  (I'm slapping myself on the head as I type this...Oh, and Willie's got a new book out called Closing the Gap...just thought I'd mention it)

But the reason I'm bringing up my former classmates is, I was actually going to school after I got laid-off from the radio job before the job at the station owned by the Packer great.  That was two radio jobs before this one, the one that I just got laid off from

Are you having a hard time keeping score?  Me too, but not my poor husband, he's the one that tries to figure out how to still make the mortgage payment everytime I come home early (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)...At this last station, my husband use to call me every day--no kidding--every day with the same question..."Hi honey, you still got a job?"  Then one day this past September I called him up early..."Hi honey, don't bother calling the request line, I won't be answering it."

But I'm incredibly grateful to this station because rather then cutting me loose, they gave me an option..."We do have a part-time job opening on our Christian AM radio station this January, but we don't want to insult you by offering it to you..."

Are you kidding?  Don't you know who you're talking too?

So now I'm learning production and editing on computers with names like Adobe, Saw and Soundforge...a few minutes ago I just got done taping and editing an awesome Pastor from a church on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, and at this moment I am most definately filled with the Spirit, and ready to handle (with God's abundant grace) anything the devil throws at me...now can I get an AMEN?

The only frustrating thing to me is I'm learning production and editing on things I use to know!!!  I use to do all this stuff at the radio station that was two radio jobs before this one, the one that I just got laid off from.   So I'm actually relearning things that I've totally forgotten...I truly hope it's not like relearning how to ride a bike, because earlier this summer when I climbed on a bike for the first time in about 10 years, I immediately tipped over, scraped my knee, got up and said, "that's it...I'm done with bikes!" 

Now where's my vodka, I've got some lemonade to make!

Cindy Huber



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