When A Man Cries...

5 years ago

 I've been a regular little raindrop as of late, releasing waterworks on the regular; everything from Reality TV to Soap opera drama to short story paragraphs to special Nightly News "Making A Difference" segments. Whenever the storm comes, I just suck it up and blame it on female emotions. Women crying is just the norm and an acceptable part of our genetic makeup. 

Men, on the other hand, get a raw deal in this scenario. Because they've been taught from birth to be 'men" and not "crybabies." Okay, back in the day, the word for men who showed emotions were harsher and very cruel...men crying were totallly unaceptable! Even, today, I find many women who characterize men who show emotions as weak and less manly than how they're 'supposed' to be.

Such antiquated ways of thinking should be totally outlawed. Crying doesn't make or mean that a man  is "weak" in fact, it strengthens him and shows his human side. Recently, I watched a Steve Harvey episode where his guest on the show shared his story of how his dad was addicted to drugs when he was growing up and how he helped his dad get back on track, before returning to school to become a Physician...an uplifting story for sure!

When Steve Harvey began to cry, he apologized to his aduience and said "I didn't see this coming!" A grown, confident man, crying in front of the world, didn't take away from his manliness, on the contrary, it added to it. In June, my son and daughter in law renewed their vows. After ten years of marriage and three children, they wanted to mark their anniversary in a special and meaningful way by writing their own vows.

Holding his wife hands and saying his vows, my son choked up. Soon, folks in the wedding party and guests were bawling and sharing tissues! Of course, afterwards, he received some good natured ribbing from the fellas. Ever the proud mom, I reminded him that, heck, even Ice T cried when he renewed his vows to Coco!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a grown man crying...it shows character... (sniffles) "Tissues please"!


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