When daddy doesn't come home at night

7 years ago
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It’s not an unusual phenomenon single parenting, guys and dolls are doing it around the globe and most of them are doing an absolutely fabulous job.   The thing is, I’m not a single parent but with my husband living 2,600 miles away it sure does feel like it.

We’ve been married nearly 18 years, have a fantastic relationship and this was a really hard call but we too were affected by the economic crisis and needs must!  Travelling on a regular basis with work, I have been used to him being away a week a month but nowadays, he gets home usually once a month Friday till Tuesday.

So I’m basically a single mum raising a 16yr old boy, 15yr old girl and boy/girl twins of 7yrs.  It’s really hard for all of us without daddy at home but at the same time it’s easy..... And that’s a scary thought!

I thought I would miss him desperately but the truth is I’m so busy all day long and exhausted at night that although I do miss him, I manage.  I think it’s the same for the children, they miss their daddy of course but life goes on and kids are so adaptable.  I think it’s harder on him than it is for us because he is alone there and I’m sure it’s freaky to go home to a quiet apartment after living amongst the madness of our frenetic household.

If anyone is familiar with my blog you will know that we chose to live in France which is just heavenly but as I don’t do anything by half, I can add new environment, no friends and the fact that I can’t speak French, to my list of challenges not to mention the fact that the children are all having to get used to new schools and hormones are raging!  I know, it’s crazy but we are hoping that the new experiences, environment and language skills that the kids get will make it all worthwhile.

I wonder at the end of all this if we will look back and think it was worth it.  Does anyone have any tips on how to manage in a situation like this?  How do you cope with being the one making all the decisions and running the show yet stepping aside whenever your partner comes home to make him feel like he is needed and belongs and after three years living like this, how on earth are we going to go back to normal?