When Bloggers Go Bonkers

3 years ago

I'm going to go ahead and assume (I know, awful to do) that at this point, most of the blogging world - specifically the lifestyle crew- has been made aware of a little cray-cray that went down recently. Like to the extent of faking your death. Whaaat!? I know, my jaw is still on the floor. Yes, a blogger went bonkers and faked her death. At the height of the whole situation, many of us were expressing our shock and confusion on Twitter. One thing I remember discussing with a few others is, how can we trust each other in the blog world? I mean, trust is hard enough in life, with anyone! And here we are putting trust into total strangers, people that we've never met and may never meet, voices we have never even heard, just a body on the other end of the line. Who are you?  We come here and pour out so much and connect so much to each other, but like I've mentioned before, we don't really know each other.

A lot people thought they knew this blogger, she was very good at throwing herself out there, a little too fucking much if you ask me. She was very over the top, and some people saw that as passionate (see also: psychotic) so she ended up making a lot of people think she had good intentions in blogland. Designing blogs, setting up meet-ups, excessive promotions of herself and others.... but it was all a lie. She stole money from bloggers, she stole recipes and photos of recipes that other bloggers worked so hard on and posted them as her own, and the list goes own. This is where the trust issue comes in. People trusted her. People praised her on those recipes, people sent her money, people signed up to meet her, people sponsored her.... and then she lost her shit and she vanished. According to her, she died. But no, she just got caught, couldn't handle it, lied, made fake accounts to "help" her lies, and then went to the top of the drama scale and faked her fucking death. Instead of apologizing and refunding people, she deleted EVERYTHING, including her email so no one could contact her about getting refunded. These people trusted her. They trusted a total stranger. 
Us bloggers, we are trusting people, clearly because we put ourselves out there for the entire world to see and judge. But where do we draw the line on that? Should I now be questioning if my favorite bloggers are who they say they are? Are some of my readers and blog friends wondering if they can trust me?  What she did was unfair on so many levels. Unfair to her readers, sponsors, family, friends, and all other bloggers. Because aside from stealing from bloggers, she has left a space for us to all start questioning each other. And that's not fair. 
So a little PSA to new bloggers: do not steal from bloggers, do not make multiple accounts pretending to be someone you're not, do not fake your death (especially if you have a kid - the internet never forgets), and let's all try to keep the crazy at a minimum. 
If you are someone that fell into one of her traps and got screwed, check out Stephanie's post. She is offering free ad space to you!
Edit: Ugh, and she's back again, with another fake account and still claiming she did nothing wrong.
Have a Manic Monday everyone!! 
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