When Asshats Attack

5 years ago

You know, people are frequently asshats. This morning I encountered a super-asshat maneuver, and the shitsack who did it is lucky that I had my kids in the minivan, and was thus prevented from getting out of the vehicle and chewing a strip off her moronic, self-absorbed backside.

My YMCA has an upper-back parking lot, connected by a sloping ramp on the far left. On the far right, on the other end of the lot from the ramp, is the kindergarten class. I park near the kindergarten class, drop Lilo off, then walk Stitch down to her pre-school in the main building. It’s usually crowded, but the kindergarten class is pretty far from the door of the YMCA proper, so it’s not too terrible to try to park. Most days. But today an asshat was loose in the parking lot. She went up the slope to the upper back parking lot, and I was behind her, at a reasonable distance from her bumper, since tailgating is stupid and rude and I’m not stupid and rude (I do them in turns, not simultaneously). About halfway down the lot, this twit saw it was crowded, and realized she would have to park at the far right end of the lot near the kindergarten. She didn’t want that! It was too far from the door! My God, imagine having to WALK so far to the door of a place you have come to exercise! She wanted to hunt for a closer space!

There is a turn-around spot by the kindergarten. Instead of driving down there and turning around, she decided to back the fokk up. That’s right. She backed up and bullied (I honestly thought the idiot would have hit my van; she certainly wasn’t going to give up her “right” to back up!) a line of vehicles backwards from the middle of the lot all the way down the ramp. We are talking at least 20 feet here, people. Not only that, but she blocked the folks trying to get out of the lot from the right because she backed up in the middle of the lot, not in her “lane”. Everyone had to get out of her way, because if we took a stand she might have held us there forever in a waiting game (after all, she was the kind of person who was backing up an whole fleet of cars) and a lot of us were there to deliver kids to a class which was getting ready to start.
The selfish, asinine, entitled, rudeness of this behavior has left me fuming and almost stunned by the audacity. If my impressionable daughters had not been with me, much yelling would have occurred.

I hate it when I must deal with vexation and irksomeness, ya’ll. Thank goodness I am such a calm, mild-mannered, and easy-going personality.

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