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5 years ago
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I absolutely LOVE Etsy! Love it. Here's the problem though, there's way too much out there. I do a search for "children's seersucker" and pages upon pages come up. Who has time to sift through all of that?

I've tagged a few of my favorites shops in hopes of helping you out and hoping you enjoy their shops and products as much as I do!

Mad Lucy Paper

Elizabeth is the best to work with! She designed our Christmas card last year, as well as my personal stationery and Molly Grace's. Her designs are gorgeous, and she's got a heart of gold!

Laughing Giraffe

Remember the seersucker search I spoke of? Well lucky for me, I found this shop! I have used them for a baby gifts for a few boy moms I know. The Jon Jons are adorable! I need a little boy just so I can buy him one! I do believe my girls may be sporting this next summer.

Naptime Diaries

I heard first heard about Jessi from Jennifer. I saw this print in her kitchen, and seeing how I love the verse, I knew I needed one. I purchased the Joshua 24:15 print and then contacted Jessi about a blessing/grace print as well. I love hearing Caroline say grace before we eat, and wanted a reminder of it all the time. She loved the idea so much, that she is now offering it in her shop! Our God is Great is now hanging up in our kitchen, love it!

H. Walkman

My Dad is a phenomenal artist. He painted both rocking chairs that are in the girls' rooms, as well as our Easter Egg Tree, and some owls in the girls' bathroom. He finds natural items (palm fronds, branches, dried flowers, etc) and paints them, turning them into all types of things. He's done sailfish, Santas, parrots, and then the Easter Egg tree, and owls we have. If you like whimsical folk art, you should check his shop out! I can't wait to see what Christmas items he's going to make this year!

Ky Grace Designs

I've been eyeing these monogrammed letters for months, when I first saw them surface on pinterest. I wanted one for our door, and since it takes 6-8 weeks for each order, I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I am hoping it comes in time for fall decorations. I'm thinking hung with a big burlap bow on our red door will look great!

Red Fish Circle

Another talented family member! Amy has stuff all over etsy, just do a search for Amy Schimler and pages will turn up. You can find Amy's fabrics in most fabric stores these days (a la Robert Kaufman), as well as clothes, books, and kids' items in BRU, Target, Pottery Barn KidsOopsy Daisy, and Baby Gap! We have a lot of her books, and the girls LOVE them. They are so special to us. If your kids love pop-up animal books, check them out! 

Sweet Birdies Nest

I can't list my favorite etsy shops and not include the lovely Heidi and Beverly at Sweet Birdies Nest! Heidi and Beverly have helped me with numerous parties, and each time their vision and service gets better and better, love these girls!

 What are some of your favorite etsy shops or items you've found?

 *I realize that some of these shops have no listings or are on vacation at the moment. A lot of them are Moms and are spending the last few days and weeks with their kids before school starts back. 

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