What's your Sharing Strategy? Do you chatter/tweet/facebook/delicious/kirtsy/digg/stumble/other? Only one? Combo? Why?

8 years ago

This is a really simple blogpost for a really simple reason:

I'm carving out a sharing strategy of content I read that I want to save and share.

I'm not talking sites I want to return to time and again. Not yet anyway.

I'm talking first time reads that I think "Ooh, this is good I want to share it."

Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should not just have that giddy light hearted tell all excitement. But I do. And it keeps growing.

I know. The (pick any very matoooor accent for the following) "VERY WISE AND SMART AND MATURE THING TO DO IS...." __________________ Now you're supposed to fill in the blank there.


I know Ive been told by many that I overthink things. Okay. So be it. 

But erring on the side of just trying to have a plan..GET A PLAN THORSEN DAMMIT! (kidding again)

I want to whip up a good sharing strategy that'll last for ya know...couple weeks at max only to be revised, improvised customized and SUPAH sized...

But seriously for my now, here what I digg. I mean do:

(Err..Denise, this ain't even gonna come close to your post about your schedule--you were way more fine tuned than eh hem this here's gonna be):

1. For links I read from tweets:

  • I retweet.
  • I copy/paste to BlogHer Chatter, my recent new fave way to share.
  • I post to facebook it (because posting links to my profile has for now, don't cringe, become my personal bulletin board saving strategy--almost as messy as saving documents to my desktop which--gadds--Liz Henry got a real glimpse of last year at BlogHer's Geek Lab. (I promise, Liz, I'm getting better)

2. For blogs I've subscribed to in feedly or google reader or netvibes:

  • I tweet it
  • I post to BlogHer chatter
  • I post to facebook 
  • occasionally, when I remember to, I save to my delicious
  • ditto for digg
  • ditto for stumble upon
  • sometimes I'll share directly in google or netvibes but am still very new to that 'in house' sharing and don't really have a group of folks who I know use either reader to share stuff directly with, though I like much this simple concept.

3. Blogs I read on BlogHer (well, typically I just comment here. It just dawned on me that I COULD copy the link and tweet/facebook/chatter these. Cool. Note to self.

Most of my reading falls under several categories and so--thinking out loud--it would perhaps be better fo rme to have a specific strategy for each.

Sometimes I fight 'strategies" and I flat out don't even like that phrase. Ewww. :)

Plan feels way more gentle.

Patience while

learning how to

attend to my


WHEEE! :) Okay. Now I'm giddily remotivated. Again. :) and getting a bit sill sill.

Reality check: I have felt scattered. And I typically don't devise a P-L-A-N unless I'm feeling a megga load scattered. :) Not just a tad bit. Tad bit and I have winged it just fine for 3+decades.

Okay enought ramblin for ya.


a. I barely BARELY mentioned Kirtsy. I want to learn this. I will learn this.

b. I barely mentioned delicious and digg. I have accounts at both. I don't really get these. I need to get them don't I?



I just LIKE twitter. Very much. Simple. Easy. And on tweetdeck there's an immediate tinyurl.

And of course now with BlogHer Chatter I"m lovin that even more in ways because to me it's an even more cozy warm intimate sorta space to share stuff.

So rather than scold myself silly for not yet having a better strategy,
I mean P L A N, I thought I'd ask ya'll. (and p.s., it's not
really me scolding...it's just the big silly nonsense voices that we
hear that are always barking we oughta be doin x, y, z better. Little
do they ever acknowledge all the great good we're already doin!) :

I can hear that tender knowing voice withing sayin "But darlin, you need a P L A N on what to share and why and then the tools to use will become clear."

I'm calm. I feel peace. Just by writing this post, I'm now in a zenlike state.

BUT. :) I'm still eager to hear from ya'll. :)

So sistahs...how ya doin' it doin it? (Pointer Sisters' tune, hear it?)

Seriouly ya'll, bring it. Tell it like it is. Bare all. Screencast an image. Twitpic it. I don't care. Just tell it to me straight, gently, nurturingly: What's your sharing strategy P L A N ?

My little bloggy gal self  is tryin' hard to put her big girl pants on!

Thanks for offering whatev-- works for ya ;)

Be well...



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