What's your excuse?

3 years ago
no excuses


There’s always a reason not to do what you say you’re going to do.

“I’m too busy.”
“I’m too tired.”
“It’s Friday. I’ll get a fresh start at the beginning of the week.”

Which is why we all need a Cassie in our lives. My girl over at Witty Title Here isn’t afraid to call people (or herself) out on their (or her own) bullshit. Today’s post is a refreshing, firm but supportive kick in the butt. Read through it if you–like me–are sitting at your computer in yoga pants.


Hey, you—yes you, behind the computer in the comfy sweatpants with multiple browser tabs open, nursing a glass of wine. Are you forgetting something? Don’t look so surprised. You know what I’m talking about, because you haven’t really forgotten, have you? You’ve just been pushing it to the back of your mind, or trying to. It’s that thing you’ve been meaning to do. That dream you’ve been putting off until you have more time. That major life goal you’ve kept at bay because other stuff just keeps coming up, and because those other, less important things need to be done first so you can “clear your mind.” Am I making you uncomfortable? Good.

Because here’s the deal: If you’re not going to go after whatever it is that will make you happy, the world will not weep. No one will care, nor notice. You can go quietly on, leading your comfortable (albeit discontent) life, telling yourself that your novel wouldn’t have gotten published anyway, that no amount of exercise will make you beautiful, that the world doesn’t need one more photographer. Would that make you happy, or would it just make you bitter?

Ask yourself the following:

When am I going to make myself a priority?
When am I going to realize that I’m the only person who will hold myself accountable?
When am I going to stop making excuses? 

You will always have life’s little bullshit activities to deal with. Don’t wait until something big and life-alteringly tragic happens to learn the tough lesson that you should’ve started sooner, that those things weren’t really what was standing in your way. Don’t wait until next month or January 1st to radically and drastically change your habits. Start today, and start small if you have to. But start, already. It’s so much better to say you are a writer/musician/entrepreneur/basket weaver rather than just an aspiring one.

So, what’s your excuse? If you’re going to stick with it, make sure it’s a good one.


Cassie Paton, Witty Title Here Isn’t Cassie the best? Follow her on Twitter, and check out some of her other fantastic essays, for more of that much-needed realness.

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