What's the Point?

5 years ago

For as long as I can remember the reasoning given to me by parents, teachers, and authority figures for anything they told me to do or any question I had was a variation of "The Bible says so" or "Jesus says so." I didn't grow up believing in hell, instead I believed in annihilationism. To a 6 year old, getting burned up and never existing while your mommy and daddy are in heaven is just as scary as hell. So, the entire purpose of my life was drilled into me very young--get to heaven! As a result, I never really realized you could be kind and compassionate because it was the moral thing. I learned to do those things because they were the Christian thing and if I didn't I wouldn't go to heaven.

Now that I am an atheist, my perspective has shifted greatly. I used to think so much about my sanctification and whether or not my faith was strong enough to be elect that I didn't have time for anything else. I'm no longer worried about heaven, hell and the afterlife. I'm focused on living my life the way I want to live. I want to live so that at my funeral people won't talk about what a Christian,godly woman I was, but about how well I treated my friends and family. I don't want a sermon preached at my funeral, I want people laughing about all the good memories we made together. Most of all I want people to know that I really lived, taking nothing for granted and not counting on some mythical second chance in the afterlife to make things right. I want to leave the world a better place for my kids and their kids.

So, now that I've left religion, what's the point of life? Does there have to be one? I'm not to worried about it...but I guess if I had to answer I'd say the point of life is living.

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