6 years ago

I guess if I can't pronounce all the words in the job title, then I'm probably not qualified?

Today I:
deleted 2 emails from scam employers
scheduled 1 interview (its on friday, yay!  pray for me!)
found 1 job that I would really love to do (its another web content/copywriting position, yay!  Please, God!  I am so ready to be employed.  Amen.)
applied to lots of jobs

didn't apply to be a tattoo artist, taco truck cook, male model (lol, not sure I qualify for that one!), a nightclub bartender, a hair-extension-salesperson, a doggie groomer, a surrogate mom, or, of course, an OPHTHALMIC TECHNICIAN.  which apparently is someone who helps the ophthalmologist, who apparently is some kind of eye doctor?  my friends in optometry can correct me.  This is not my area of expertise.  Nor is tattoo art.  Though the taco truck cook sounds like fun :P.

I've realized that:
1. You can only stare at a computer for so long before you start to miss the really bad typos in your writing, at which point its time to look at something else for awhile
2. If you google something that sounds weird, you'll find lots of reports of scammers and spammers, bait and switch type deals.
3. we forgot to put the fruit salad away.  Back to the kitchen...
4. You know you're getting sleepy when you read a post saying "Executive chef and sous chef" as "electric chef and sushi chef."







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