What's the Ideal Length of a Tweet? Shorter Than You Thought.

4 years ago

Buffer posted a roundup of the ideal length of anything you may write online: from headlines to blog posts.  Ideal length of a tweet? 100 characters. I know -- they want you to waste the other 40?  You can take those words over to Facebook where the ideal length is only 40 characters.  Luckily, the ideal blog post can take up to 7 minutes to read.  Wheeeeew, at least I can be wordy over in my personal space.

It's a great read and informative for brands wishing to engage succinctly with consumers.

Image: Mason Bryant via Flickr

But what do the rest of us do with this information?  Should personal bloggers wishing to attract more readers start holding themselves to a 100-character limit when tweeting in order to not abuse a follower's attention span?  Can we really keep Facebook updates to a 40-character length?  The whole reason I post on Facebook over Twitter is the fact that I don't have to boil down my thoughts to fit a stringent character limit.

And... I have to admit that 1,600 words for a blog post is a lot of words.  While I'm happy to read 1,600 in a magazine while sitting on the sofa, I would much prefer when staring at a screen to read a brief blog post that gives me a huge thought to consider than a long blog post that slowly unpacks an idea.  If personal bloggers started giving me 1,600 word posts to read once per day, it would greatly reduce the number of personal stories I could read in a given day. 

What do you think of Buffer's findings about optimal lengths?  Would you ever cater your writing or status updates to be the optimal length, or would you prefer to say what you need to say, however you need to say it?

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.

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