Living Nicely: What's a 401K?

9 years ago

I could never see myself doing the same job for year after
year…especially, 20 or 30! So a pension is not on my horizon, and I
haven’t been very good at scrimping or saving…But I have loved the
opportunity to learn how to do so many different jobs- my resume looks
more like a phonebook- and I know as long as I have my health, I can
always earn a buck! I actually tried a fun exercise one day to try to
come up with a job I’ve done for every letter of the alphabet, so until
I become an undertaker, an x-ray tech or a zookeeper, I have yet to
cover ALL the letters, but who knows…I’m still young… Dear Abby said
today that “65 is the new 45″…so by my calculations, I’m just getting
started! Abby was answering a letter from a woman whose sister is going
to end her life this year, because she decided years ago that 65 was a
good age to live to and she felt she would rather go before she was
bedridden or senile. Thing is, she’s in great health, looks good and is
active…go figure! I think I’d stick around if I was her…

Anyway, this thread of thinking started with whooping cranes- I read
about the failure of a program to repopulate the species by introducing
them to Florida. Only one area has had a strong population: they
migrate from the Chaskowitzka River- one of my all time favorite places
to canoe- apparently, when they fly north they are accompanied by a guy
on an ultralight plane who is dressed like a whooping crane- now that
is a hoot! But I thought: “What a cool job! Where do you apply for
that?” And since I consider myself to be one of the flightiest people I
know…who better “suited” (LOL) for the job?!?

No gold watch for me! No retirement party! No golden parachute!

I’ll be freefalling…


I wrote this thirty years ago…seems just as timely today:

crimson hues

bleeding across the happy hour sky

signals the time

for the gathering of all great minds

to answer the question of the day…How was yours?

did it make you want another one?

or did it make you wanna run?

We seek solace at whistle’s end

to wash away the working blues

telling ourselves it’ll get better…just around the bend (er?).

driven by the dangling watch,

we live our lives by the clock

punching time/ fighting lines,

until we get our share

of what might not be there!

“Take this JOB!” Johnny Paycheck said…

I say, “Live life now- not planned ahead,

waiting til you’re almost dead.”

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