What the Rally in Virginia Truly Says About Our Country

a year ago
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White Supremacists do not speak for me. Black Lives Matter does not speak for me. Nazi's do not speak for me. ANTIFA does not speak for me. I was taught to love. To stand up for what I believe in without letting hate dwell in my heart. Hate creates hate. It is the opposite of love. The hardest thing in the world to do is to love someone that hates you. But that is the only way to keep hate from claiming you too. No matter your politics, sexual orientation and religion; We are Americans and we can love each other past our differences. We have focused for far too long on what separates us, what divides us, what alienates us from one another. It is time to focus on what UNITES us. We are Americans. We are part of the greatest experiment to ever exist. The profound declaration that "All men are created equal; endowed by their creator with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Not "some" but all!

Our history has made us who we are, it's part of how this Country came to be- you take the good with the bad. Those are the facts. How is taking down a statue of Robert E. Lee, going to change our history? Why are we denying our Country's history? Is that going to make things today really, "better?"

Should we erase The climax of liberalism? The Civil Rights Movement? The Women's Movement? Because what most people are saying is that if we can erase "certain" parts that's going to make all the "hate" go away. Sorry but it's not. Hate doesn't just disappear because you remove a freaking statue. You really are stupid if you believe that.

A funny thing about tolerant people- They're ONLY tolerant when you agree with them. And today, not one person wants to accept another's opinion. Instead we attack each other for theirs.  Like I said, we throw out the race card, sex card, religion card, because it's so easy to do so.  We call people bigots, antisemites, racists, when, oh my God, they don't like your view on a subject.  Actually, it's the people who call others those names who are those things. They are the ones who need to change their views, not the people they are lashing out against.

You can't change history of what happened in the past but you can write history of today. Maybe we should just leave history alone and stop trying to deny it, alter it, and change it. People are ALWAYS going to use the race card, sexist card, religion card, etc. It's always easiest to play a victim instead of playing the solution card.

History is the branch of knowledge that analyses and records the past events. History is also a reflection of the great heritage that this nation possesses, the trials and turmoil faced by the country, the emergence of various powers and events and the way they were tackled.

Except for the word change, all other things in this world are subject to change. Adults don't handle change quite well as it has been noted. The only thing you can change is yourself.  Hate is the enemy of growth. You can't grow if you hate.

If it wasn't for our past, we'd have no future.  When I look back and see how far I have come as a person, I see growth. Should I erase my past so I don't have to see failure? When it is the failure that has made me who I am today.

You can't change how and what people feel. What you can change is YOUR APPROACH.  

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