What is the most important thing in the world?

7 years ago
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The most important thing in the world?


love 21.7%

money 8.0%

health 56.5%

beauty 1.0%

there's many important things 12.7%

Total Votes: 2934

.I asked this question to couple people that I know for some time, and there are some of those answers.(Let me know yours)

 Peace and to make the earth a better place to live with minimum problems..

t should always be The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

To be happy and to make everybody happy in safe and good way. contentment can make you happy, of course help those who are in need then you will be happy.

Me, myself and my ego.

 thoughts and opinions.

Green Card!!!

 sunshine - without it all life would gradually die out..


life. For us to talk, act, fight, debate, or kill some one, we need to be alive first. We mean, all the "beings" humans, animals, trees. 

If Life is not there, world (Earth) is nothing. 

World peace and science and music and comedy.


peace with oneself is the most important thing, thats when u attain Moksha. /Sprituality

  to end faith.

You are, of course.

My children, nothing more important than raising a decent humenbeing.



The Most Importance can be given only and only to LORD GOD. Self Acceptance!! When people are satisfied with self they are a more productive and less bitter and jealous.


 I'm just curious to see and hear what people think. As for myself. the answer to that would be, of course, power and the ability to control people's lives. Oh, i guess thats a variation of love.

 I don't think you can rank the most important things in the world. But if you can find it, love is grand! 

Love is definitely the most important thing in all creation. As a matter of fact, when it all comes down to it, love is the only thing that matters ultimately. I believe that it's the only thing that truly exists in all of reality and beyond.

 Health is most important in my own opinion. Love is on the list though.

 Love in it's varying degrees as described in the bible, yes.

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