What I've been up to.... since I haven't been here. Again.

20 days ago

I went to BlogHer to become a better blogger and it seems that I've become the worst by not blogging at all. I've made strides to be better, y'all. I've even made a schedule.

Yes. Y'all are on my Google Calendar.

I've also been horribly, horribly sick with a sinus infection/chest cold of doom. You can forgive me, right? Cleaning sneezes off of my laptop screen wasn't on my desired task list. Sorry for the image, but there you go.

So here's the update:

1. Lola has a paralyzed tail. Don't worry, it's not permanent. It's very common in labs and lab mixes (including sweet doodles) and she is on an anti-inflammatory pill to take down the swelling around the nerve. Apparently, she wagged too much and too exuberantly and strained the muscles around the base of her tail. I know. I'm telling everyone that she strained it trying to twerk like Miley. Because she's just being Lola, y'all, and doesn't know anything about inappropriate cultural re-appropriation or wearing real pants. We are also casually referring to it as "Whiskey Tail." I'll leave that one there.

2. I caught the respiratory illness of doom. I know I said that, but I need to reiterate. Shit's been real around here, folks.

3. We moved my kid sister into her first big girl apartment. And it is adorable. As is she! :-)

4. I jump started the food blog... again. Just before I got sick. But with a purpose this time. My first recipe posted was part of a series for Kara in her new big girl apartment. The Kara Chronicles features recipes that are easy to cook for people who have never learned to cook. *cough* So head on over, check it out, and give me a follow on Bloglovin.' You can file me under your "Food Porn" group. If you don't have a "Food Porn" group, you should. If you don't know how to set up a "Food Porn" group, I refer you to this handy post on using Bloglovin.' Thanks a billion!

5. I joined some totally fab bloggers for a giveaway! Here's what you could win:

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Spa package, including artisan-made lotions & soaps
  • $20 Gift Card to store of your choice
  • 3 months free ad space on Jennifer's blog, Defining My Happy (promote business or blog!)
  • 3 months Bioscience Product (www.creativebioscience.com)
  • Possible mystery prizes.
Please follow all of the lovely ladies sponsoring the give-away through Bloglovin', Facebook & Twitter. 

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Carter comes back from New Orleans tonight, where he has been celebrating and debauching for a bachelor party. It's hard when he leaves and everyone makes fun of us because I text him whale emojis and he texts me pictures of police horses and brass bands and waiters singing "Going to the Chapel" a capella  and I choke up because something about waiters singing "Going to the Chapel" a cappella always makes me misty.

From me, Lola (the dog with the paralyzed tail), Rigby (the dog who is attempting to milk sympathy because she doesn't have a paralyzed tail), and all of the rest here at Casa del Batshit Crazy, we wish you a happy and relaxing Sunday.

Stay tuned tomorrow. Carter's guest posting. And it's fantastic.

Happy Sunday, y'all!




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