What if Women were ruling the world?

4 years ago

What if women were ruling America? How would things be different? I can't help but think that there would not be such a need for war. Acts of terrorism would not be fought with counter-terrorism. Violence creates more violence in the world today. When an act of terrorism has been committed, immediate reactions of how to retaliate are considered. But is this just a male thing? Women are naturally more nurturing, caring and loving than men. They find empathy and sympathy in situations where men just breed anger and hatred. Women instinctively see the pain and hurt that acts of war or violence can cause. Men are counting who is winning and who is losing. I think that if women were the ones who were making the decisions as to go to war or not, every possible resort would be exercised to determine a solution to the problem before war was actually declared. Most women by nature are much more peaceful than men. They think with their heart and not with their heads. Women consider the consequences of particular actions before they make decisions, men act on impulse without thinking. I found a passage in Jean Bolen's book Urgent Message from Motherto pertain greatly to my thoughts on this topic. it reads, "Women are more able to admit mistakes, ask for directions, work collaboratively, seek consensus, be motivated by empathy to alleviate suffering, and take care of the vulnerable... Mother Earth and mothers need women to set the priorities, take care of the resources, and stop wars and other abuses of power." (pg. 97) Women are able to relate to why acts of terrorism occur. They can identify with the pain families are dealing with. They are also able to objectively identify with a situation and evaluate the best possible outcome. Women are more drawn to peaceful solutions to a problem than to counter-act with more violence. Peaceful alternatives are often considered by women before violence. This mindframe that most women posses can be greatly beneficial to our country. It is definitely something to think about right?

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