what if i wasn't a mortgage analyst...

5 years ago
... and decided to do something else instead?  
don't get me wrong: i love my job.  it's just sometimes i find myself thinking about life and its endless possibilities. 
what if i had become an artist instead?  (not that i've got any hidden talents whatsoever.  just please consider it a merely hypothetical thing)

if i could choose another job, any job, i'm sure it would be something that required just a little more creativity than pressing a bunch of buttons on a keyboard.  maybe something related to arts in general, like screenwriting or acting.  or maybe i'd even pursue a career as a music producer.  then i'd put lady gaga out of business with the blink of an eye and unveil hundreds of more talented people like adele. 

i'd most certainly choose something fresh and fun and i'd definitely travel all around the world for work - that'd be a great experience! 
i could also work as a private investigator.  who wouldn't like to do that?  it must be the least boring job ever!  i'd be chasing unfaithful wives, big time stuck up politicians and small time crooks trying to make a living.  it'd be so exciting!  i'd finally learn how ridiculously wealthy actors manage to go broke.  i'd also be able to successfully suppress my urge to be an artistic photographer by taking pictures with telephoto lenses and remote triggers.  i'd find the time to read the newspaper from cover to cover while waiting for my victim to step inside the restaurant with his mistress, not to mention i'd get to wear classy trench coats and big sunglasses.  fun!
bed-and-breakfast owner.  that's what i'm gonna be.  when we move to a small town to the north of spain, we'll buy a big house made of stone. we'll live a peaceful life close to the woods and have enough money so we don't freak out we don't have that many guests.  
but all my friends have normal jobs.  except, maybe one. remember that episode of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. when they were playing a game about who knew each other best and nobody knew what Chandler did for a living?  that's my friend S.  i thought i might have a general idea of what she does, but i couldn't find a name for it.

i had to call her this morning cause it's her birthday [happy birthday, S.!] and i took the opportunity to ask the question.

- well, she said, i used to be a private equity executive, but now i'm a consultant. 
- could you be just a little more specific?
- i solve problems and create opportunities. 
- right, right..  

it must be awesome to do something even your friends can't understand.  i mean, it's like.. super secretive stuff, the female version of clark kent.  whatever it is, she's very good at it!  she loves what she does and she obviously makes unbelievable amounts of money.  she probably works 26 hours a day, which is not that cool, but she's always flying here and there to compensate.  i admire her so very much.

any dream jobs?

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