What I learned from Oprah's last show.

6 years ago

[Editor's Note:  I loved this honest, inspired account of Mama O's final days on the air from a BlogHer who has never known a life without Oprah. --Morgan]

Oprah has been speaking to a national audience for practically my entire almost twenty-six years of existence, since I was the age of one. So naturally, I kept up with her during this final season, not wanting to miss any last-time interviews or ridiculous surprises. I would record the show each day and if it was a topic I was interested in, I would settle into the couch after work and catch up. I have also recorded the Behind the Scenes show which gives an incredible insight into the production of each and every taping.

This past weekend I caught up on last week's final three shows. After Monday and Tuesday's star-studded surprise after surprise, I couldn't imagine what Wednesday would hold.

When I turned it on to see the simplicity of Oprah on her stage speaking to an audience for the last time, it made me happy. And sad. And I cried. Yes, I did. (It was a few tears. Not sobs or wails. Just for the record.) Oprah was the background noise of my childhood. She was the go-to show in college when I would come home from class, roommates all gathered on the couch. She was my retreat in my one-bedroom apartment when I would come home from work and turn her on as I ate my bowl of cereal. All twenty-five years.

On her last and final show, she had wonderful, quotable words to say that I'm sure will end up in a book. She had a grace about her that showed she truly was ready to be ending this season of her life. And as I watched her in those last nationally broadcasted moments, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in her mind. Here she was, ending a part of her life that is all she has ever known for a quarter of a century. As she walked off stage, did any part of her want to turn back? Change her mind? Was she excited about what's to come, but also, truthfully, kind of scared?

I didn't shed a few tears because I was sad. But it was because haven't we all been there? I've been there. Click here to continue reading.

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