What I Hope To Get Out of BlogHer '12

5 years ago

Exactly 1 month from today, BlogHer '12 will commence! Part of me cannot wait, and part of me is a wee bit nervous (read a lot of bit nervous). But as each day gets closer and I reach out to more and more bloggers that will be attending (One of which is my very good friend, Annie from High School who I only get to see sporadically when she visits California!), and I learn more about each scheduled lecture I can't help but be giddy that I get to be a part of this! I'm learning more and more that BlogHer is kind of a big deal!


While I don't want to walk into this 2 day conference with an agenda so tight that I look back and realize all I did was take notes, I do have some hopes that a few things will be accomplished.


1. I Want To Be Inspired. There are many many many days when I open up my laptop ready to change the world with my blog, only to get distracted or frustrated with my current thought or lack thereof and instead end up writing nothing. There are many times when I feel my blog has no clear direction. I love that my tagline shouts that I will give you advice, but then I fear that I come off pretentious and that I think I'm an expert mother, which I so absolutely am not. There are times when I just want my blog to be like a diary entry - I just want to write freely about everything that goes on in my life, but with that comes readers who are actually in my life and may be the center of the topic of which I am writing or venting about, which is something I'd prefer to avoid. I'm hoping that by attending BlogHer '12 I'll be able to define my path in this blog world and can make something of this blog that can provide something to others; even if the only "other" is me.


2. I Want To Make Connections. In other blogs I read, I see people talking about all of the friends they have in the blog world and I just don't have that...yet. As far as I know, the main people who read my blog and comment on my blog are people that are friends with me in real life. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate any sets of eyes that should happen upon this blog, but at the same time I think it would be kind of cool to "meet" some people out there who read my blog because they genuinely like it and didn't stop here because I'm on their list of "Friends With Blogs". This isn't about getting more traffic to my site (Though that would be nice!), it's about finding other people who are doing what I'm doing and feeding off of that common connection.


3. I Want To Feel Empowered. My life has changed drastically in the past 10 years. When I was 20 I packed up everything that I knew of the world into one Uhaul and moved myself to Colorado. I didn't know anyone, I didn't have a job, but I had a goal. And that goal was all this independent and feisty young girl needed to make a change in her life. I'm now a Stay At Home Mom raising one child who is married to a fabulous husband. But sometimes I worry that being in this role has taken my independence. There was a time when I was the master of my checking account and I would panic if I had balance of less than $2,000...in my CHECKING account...as a 20 year old. My purse strings have loosened since becoming a partner in a relationship where the major expenses are paid out of the pocket by my man. When I first began planning my trip to NYC for BlogHer '12, I became really frightened. Frightened about things that  shouldn't frighten this girl who worked on construction sites with 15 other men, who stood up to people who questioned my role in life, and to reiterate, who moved to a new city and state at age 20 because I had set a goal to do so. I don't like that simple things frighten me now, and I want to conquer this weekend in August to prove to myself that the brave girl that I used to be isn't totally gone.


4. I Want To Have Fun. I'm not going to lie, being away from The Hubs and Mr. L for 5 days is going to feel a bit like a vacation (A well deserved one if you ask me). I'm flying out to NYC early on Tuesday morning and i don't return to the bay area until Sunday evening. My plan is to stay with my brother until Thursday then check in to a hotel for 2 nights and then spend my last night with my brother and his girlfriend. I plan to shop a lot, drink a little and sleep in...EVERY DAY. I plan on dressing cute, socializing and partying with my fellow attendees! And I also plan on getting a picture with these two ladies who are our keynote speakers! 



In case you've been living under a rock for the past 30 years, these two women are Katie Couric (Top) former co-host of The Today Show and CBS Evening News and soon to be host of her own daytime talk show, Katie! I cannot wait to hear what she has to tell us about being a business woman, keeping your head straight in a media circus and just other advice about life! Also pictured is the original hostess with the mostess, Martha Stewart! I have loved Martha since I first learned of her existence. I hope that when she's speaking I'll be able to actually pay attention and won't just be starstruck the whole time, but I make no promises!!


Over the next month I plan to figure out my lecture schedule, pack and repack 100 times and hopefully connect more with the few BlogHer '12 that I've connected with already!




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