What happens when I impulse shop - BlogHer '11 Version

6 years ago

Several months ago I found out about the BlogHer conference and that it was going to be in my very own backyard: San Diego.

Well, it would be my backyard if my backyard was 90 miles of desert.

In a moment of impulse, I bought a one-day ticket to attend the conference on Saturday.  Then I promptly forgot about it.  Until the reminder emails started to become more frequent and they sent out the schedule and information on break-out sessions.

Now I'm starting to freak out.

I'm going to be in a real conference room with bloggers who I read on a daily basis.  Women who have a real gift for writing, a talent for marketing and creativity oozing out of their pores.

I have none of those things.

You know what else I don't have?  Business cards.  For my blog.

I didn't even know that was a thing I should have!

I have old business cards from my past job.  Do you think I can just white out the old boring accounting stuff and write in my URL?

The stress level is rapidly building and I'm finding myself having this internal debate over and over again.

Bekah:  Maybe I shouldn't go.

Self:  You already paid.  You're going.  How bad could it be?

Bekah:  How bad could it be?? What if they all hate me?

Self:  You think all 3,000 attendees are going to hate you.  Seriously?  Get over yourself.

Bekah:  Ok, so maybe they won't all hate me.  Just the ones who meet me in person.  Or the ones I tackle to get their autographs.  Or the ones I don't tackle to get an autograph and they are all "why don't you want my autograph?"

Self:  Don't ask for autographs, you weirdo.  You aren't a four year old at Disneyland.

Bekah:  But...but...everything will go wrong and I'll say something stupid and nobody will ever read my blog again!

Self:  Sigh.  I wish I had someone else to talk to.

Wish me luck!  I hope to meet some of you there!!


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