What Feminist Bloggers Are Up to This Thanksgiving

8 years ago

Despite the Puritanical origins of Thanksgiving, I decided that it is a pretty good feminist holiday. First of all, it encourages copious eating. Given the complex relationship that many women have with food thanks to insane societal pressure to be thin, thin, thin, any holiday that gives people permission to eat is good in my book. (Of course, the key is to not later feel guilty about indulging.) I plan on eating piles of delicious foods today. Hurray! But what are other feminists doing for this American holiday?

Michelle Bell at The Gaytheist also looks forward to Thanksgiving, despite some horrid past experiences. She wrote:

Also, may I suggest that if you’re in the closet in any way and were planning on coming out (as queer, as atheist, as feminist, as communist, etc.), save it for Thanksgiving. Hold that fabulous, pretending holiday hostage. At the very least, it’ll make an interesting story to tell the future rugrats that come to Thanksgiving, confused about where they stand in the world.

On the flip side, Stephanie at The (not so) Little Things is psyched to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She's been discussing feminist issues online with her Mormon brother-in-law and her feminist mother, and is looking forward to continuing their dialog in real life. (Her description of her family and how they relate makes me want to go, too.)

Amanda Shankle-Knowlton at The Feminist Pessimist debated whether she should cook Thanksgiving dinner or take up her husband on his offer to bring home a pre-cooked meal. She wrote:

The sentimental part of my brain started getting sad and accusing the feminist part of my brain of ruining Thanksgiving. The feminist part of my brain told the sentimental part of my brain to grow a pair... Tradition is important to me. But so is being valued like an equal and getting as much time to relax as the men in my family do.

In my husband's family, who I spend Thanksgiving with, the women do not cook the meal. When I first dated my husband, his parents took us all out to dinner and a Broadway show. This was fun. Once my husband and I had an apartment that could accommodate more than three people (we lived for three years in a 200 square foot apartment), we hosted Thanksgiving for friends and family. The meal was cooked by a restaurant down the street. In more recent years, my husband's brother began cooking elaborate feasts. This brings me back to the joy of Thanksgiving - I love eating!

The FeMOMhist "set out to concoct a reasonable lesson that avoided the phrase 'can you say genocide children?'" and somehow wound up churning butter. Oh, the hilarity!!!

Wherever you are and whoever you are with and whatever you do, I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving.

Suzanne also blogs at Campaign for Unshaved Snatch (CUSS) & Other Rants and is the author of Off the Beaten (Subway) Track.

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