What Does It Mean To Be An Adult-And Other Ramblings

4 years ago

Last week was chock full of adventure. I kicked off Monday morning by stepping in poop. L's poop to be precise. I know, what is it with me and poop all the time? Note: Kids=excessive poop stories. It happened, I'm over it.

Tuesday was my chance at a re-do. My best friend drove in for a visit! From then until Friday morning, we crammed as much as we could into each day. We drank a little too much Starbucks (obsessed), took the kids on adventures (L gave us a run for our money) and talked late into the evening. Every topic covered, nothing left unsaid. I missed those talks. They're good for the soul.
It actually gave me a little to ponder and a lot to write too. During one of these particular conversations, the topic came around to put-together women. You know the type. The ones that live in nice homes with modern decor, dress perfectly no matter the occasion, are pretty, fit and generally excel in every area of life. Yeah..
Anyway, she said that this type of woman always makes her feel like a little kid. Like at 27, she should have it all figured out. We both know better. And I know that deep down she understands that we're all on different trajectories. 
Yet, we ponder it.
This living as an adult, but not necessarily feeling that we've reached that defining moment when we feel it from the inside out. Does age coincide with confidence? A stronger stance or knowledge that we have made it? I don't know. How are adults supposed to feel? I wonder if anyone truly feels that they are perfectly aligned in life with their age. 
We think aloud. If we aspire to be like the women we feel are more put-together, more confident than we are, could there be a woman out there who aspires to be like us?
Her: "Well we're not the highest on the totem pole, but we're not the lowest either. I'd say we're somewhere in the middle. So if we aspire to be higher on the totem pole..I mean someone that might aspire to be like us would have to be lower.
Me: "Oh my gosh, it's not like the only people that could aspire to be like us are people living under bridges. Trolls or something..
<laughing hysterically>
Her: "NO! I don't mean it like that. Of course not. It came out wrong. I mean, what kind of person would aspire to be like us?"
Me: "Well, there doesn't have to be a low or high or a totem pole at all really. It could just be that someone admires your style or taste in music or the way you wear your hair. Or maybe they admire your confidence or your writing or some other skill. Remember that even the women we think are so put-together probably have someone that they admire or areas they want to improve in their own lives."
Her: "That's true. I never thought of it that way."
It's not about wishing to be someone else or to have a life other than our own. Rather, it is the  process of life-of evolving and growing. And in understanding that growth. Not shying from it or running blindly in another direction. Instead, squaring shoulders, facing fears.
We aspire to be better. Day in, Day out. Simple as that.
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This is MY time. This is YOUR time. This is OUR time.  :)

How was your week?




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