What Does Career Mean to You?

5 years ago

Having a career means different things to different people. As you may have noticed, I'm not the type of person who says that your professional life needs to look a certain way. In fact I can remember when I took the helm as Section Editor for Career and Business. I warned my editor that she shouldn't expect all business suits, job search-y, and traditional takes on career. She just laughed.

In my time dialing up fresh content for you each week I've searched for the most interesting, compelling, diverse, and well-written posts I could find. More than one person said to me at BlogHer '12 that I've expanded their own definition of what career and business means. I took that as such a huge compliment, I glowed for days!

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I firmly believe that the line between personal and professional is a very thin, blurry one. After all, every day is "take yourself to work day". Not to mention the fact that everything and anything that is going on in your personal life from health to family to money and beyond affects your work life and performance. Just ask anyone who has navigated the waters of a seriously ill or dying loved one. The veil between the personal and professional persona is thin.

I personally believe career is:

  • A personal extension of who you are as a unique, authentic being.
  • One way you impact other people to make the world a better place.
  • The means by which we trade our skills, talents, and passions and bring value to someone else as a means to earn money.

I also believe career is meant to serve our life as a whole. I take a very holistic approach here and know there is a deep ripple effect at play.

We talk a lot about re careering, work-life balance, job searching, and entrepreneurship here in this section. But what lies within and beyond the expected scope of these topics? What are your career and business biggest challenges on a day to day basis? What are the big-picture conundrums you think about over and over? What wakes you up at night?

I would love to hear from you and get a conversation and mini community gathering going in the comments. I think there will be great value in the discussion and it will also help me serve you even better through the editor's picks in this topic.

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