What to do if You Have Storm Damage to Your Roof in Dearborn, Michigan

3 months ago
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Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up…

Unfortunately, you can’t put on a happy face because your roof is damaged, or at least you think it might be. How can you tell for sure? There are small signs that you can look for, like shingles in your yard, a small leak in your home , or perhaps you woke up with part of a tree in your living room that wasn’t there when you went to bed. Regardless of the reason you suspect roof damage, you will want to have it inspected by professional roofer in Dearborn, MI. 

Weathering the Tempest That is Storm Damage

A tempest has nothing on the Big Bad Wolf. Wind is one of the top causes of minor and major roof damage to homes. Wind can negatively affect your your roof in many ways. The first way it can have a negative impact on your roof is simply, the speed of the wind itself. High speeds of wind can cause any loose shingles on your roof to come off completely , which then leaves your roof being exposed without that important layer of protection. The second way that wind can do damage to your roof is by causing debris to land on the roof of your home. Things like tree branches and even trees can be knocked onto your home or roof during a particularly windy storm, all of which can cause shingles to come off as well as cause holes in your roof. 

Another form of weather that is particularly bad for a roof is snow and ice. Snow and ice can freeze to your roof, causing shingles and any exposed wood to crack and break. Another thing you have to worry about, especially if you don’t have a slanted roof, is the weight of all that ice and snow. Especially in a place like Dearborn Michigan, one winter’s accumulation of snow could equal hundreds to thousands of pounds. Older roofs may have a hard time holding this much weight and they could collapse.

Time to Call  a Professional

The second you suspect that you might have some kind of roof damage, it is very important that you get your roof looked at. Roofing Dearborn Michigan is something that is easily searchable online, so that you can find an entire list of roofers in your area. Once you have found a list of roofers in your area you will want to narrow that list down to about 3 companies. Try to choose companies that have high ratings and great reviews. Once you have chosen those companies you will want to give each of them a call. First confirm that they are licensed and insured in the state that your home is located in. Then you will want to find out their price for a quote. Many places will do quotes for free, or apply any fee they charge to the cost of working on your home if your roof needs repairs. Once you have determined the best price, it is time to get your roof fixed before the next storm hits.