What do YOU do for fun?

22 days ago

Spending the last two years building a business and orchestrating a move from Virgina to California meant work/life balance was the first of many things to fall right off the priority list. After a year in California, I've observed that work/life balance is a way of life out here and decided to fight my Type A, work-a-holic, east coast paced instincts and just go with it. Back in 2009, I was inspired to write a 101 things in 1001 days list. The goal of the list was to shake me out of my existing rut, require me to accomplish things that had nothing to do with my day to day work life (or my daughter or anyone else but me). I wrote it two weeks before my business took off and the only thing I accomplished on that list was writing the list itself.

This past December, life calmed down a bit. I unpacked the last box in the new house, Drue was settled in school and work was calm for the first time since October of 2009. I took some time, updated the list, and gave myself a new start date of January 1st. Two days later, I promptly came down with the flu. A week later my daughter had the same bug. Somewhere around the middle of January, I lost my mind and fostered a litter of eight puppies. I was also working an average of 55-60 hour work weeks and started homeschooling my daughter. My list gathered figurative dust on my website and the few tasks I attempted were not enjoyed because my mind was on other things.

Finally, one of my coworkers at a client site mentioned my stress level. She also kindly offered to be a weight loss buddy as we had both talked about exercising more and trying to be healthier in our eating and exercise habits. Shortly after, my Mom called with her latest physical results and I got a clear picture of where I would be physically and mentally in 19 years if I did not slow down and make some constructive changes.

Last week, my daughter and I talked about our current lives and how happy we are. We talked about the life we really want to lead and what steps we need to get there. Needless to say the discussion is a little too long for a single post. After reading my 101 list, she asked why I added tasks I don't enjoy on my list. Sure enough, in my attempt to get out of my rut, I had added tasks I felt obligated to do as opposed to tasks I actually enjoyed doing. So a final revamp of the 101 ensued and I decided to really strive for some kind of balance in my life. Maggie of MightyGirl.com recently started 30 days of fun and I was inspired. So this month, for the entire month, I'm setting aside a few hours and doing something purely pleasurable, my own 30 days of fun! My hope is that it brings about a renewed sense of spirit and starts a good habit of carving out time for myself in all the busyness that life brings.

Confession time... As psyched as I am about the fun I had Monday and yesterday, I'm struggling a little with identifying things I can do each of my thirty days.

Day 1: An Evening Drive
Day 1 - Evening Drive

So I ask you... what do you do for fun? Any suggestions for incorporating fun into the next 30 days??

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Day 2 - Halloween in August
Day 2 - Halloween in August


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