What do you do all day?

4 years ago

It's been a tiring week and it's likely to get so much worse before I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still, I thought I might record what a typical day looks like now that he's 7 1/2 months old. Well.. typical for a given value of typical.

7am is his normal wakeup time. Most  mornings he'll lay in his crib babbling at his snoopy doll until I come fetch him. That's a lovely change from a few months ago since I now have time to pee before I fetch the babe.

We'll curl up on the couch with his boppy for a good morning feed while I check my e-mail on my laptop (and play a bit of Farmville 2).

730ish it's back to his room for tummy time. He plays on his mat while I clean up his room, put laundry away, change out his diaper genie, and refill his diaper drawer.


Then it's bath time and nail clipping time because his claws grow like flippin Wolverine and daily head scrubbing is still the only thing keeping the cradle cap away. It's an ongoing battle likely due to the fact that his dad and I both have oily hair. Poor darling is dooooooomed.

Then it's off to the swing to gnaw on a rattle while I empty the dishwasher, start the coffee pot, grab some refrigerator oatmeal (it's fantastic, recipe forthcoming), pump breastmilk, and flip the laundry. The pic is from a couple of months ago but it's too cute not to add...


After a nap (when the gods are kind and the stars align correctly) and breakfast (which the hubby makes, more often than not), the day consists of chiropractic appointments (on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), shopping (normally on Tuesdays or Saturdays) or other daily events.

If we're home - it's normally play time on the red blanket in the livingroom.


By 2pm exhausted baby is exhausted and ready for more napping. He normally naps til 4pm on me and my boobs. ;)

2013-11-03 12.19.41[1]

After 4pm it's dinner, hanging with Daddy, finishing up laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, running the dishwasher, etc.. etc..

We start bedtime around 6:30pm (pjs, green eggs and ham, lots of boob) and he's normally asleep in his crib by 7pm.

After 7pm I blog, take care of e-mails and scholarship essays, make more fridge oatmeal, and grab a snack. 7:30pm on weekdays means Jeopardy and striving to kick my husband's ass in random knowledge.

8pm-10pm varies depending on the day. We watch TV together but the shows vary. Sometime in the middle of it all we'll grab quick showers. At 10pm I pump breastmilk and we're normally asleep by 11pm.

Right now he's waking up again at 2am for a feed and then he's down til 7am when we restart the day.

I'm still not sure how I'm going to fit a full nursing courseload into this but I'll figure it out.

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