What do we look like in the spirit realm?

5 years ago


I was reading a murder mystery book, and one of the characters had this spiritual gift of seeing a person’s appearance in the spiritual form, as oppose to the seeing them physically. The man witnessed a murder, and when he saw the murderer he saw him as a monster, described him as wolf. Then there was a woman that he was interested, whom really wasn’t what society considered to be attractive, but he saw her as a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and these golden brown eyes. 
We all may not have that gift in that form but we have it with our senses and intuition. We know when something is not right about a person. Sometimes we can look at person and see warmth and beauty in their eyes, and sometimes we can look at a person and see coldness. But we do the ability in some form.  But a lot people in society do not choose to open that eye, the third eye. 
I've read spiritual books and psychics describe the spirit of an individual that does. I, myself am spiritually conscious, and it’s not easy to live with especially in seeing the essence of loved ones and yourself, I possess a little clairvoyance and understand the spiritual language.  I have seen some very ugly spirits in people that I would like to think are good and the most difficult one to accept was seeing myself.
 The truth is most of us do not look not the same spiritual realm in the as we do physically. The reason is because the spirit is a separate active counter part of us, but a part of us. The spirit has a mind of its own, which influences our physical mind. And our physical mind influences the spirit. They work hand in hand. They are very vulnerable to are our thought process; they do what we think, and what we see. Just think about every thought that we ever had.  We all at one time became very angry with someone and thought about hitting that person but knowing that we won’t do it, but the spirit will. When the spirit invokes a thought in our physical mind, we take control of the over our thinking processes. We might ask ourselves “why did I just think that”. Therefore, the inner us, the spirit is not conscious of right or wrong they just do and this is what affects the personality of the spirit and give us the image we see in the spirit.  Most of our personalities are not manifested by the negative or evils of the spirit. People who are affected the most by it are people with mental disorders, such Schizophrenia. In order for us look good in the spiritual realm we have train our thoughts.

What we think we become- Buddha
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