What Bloggers Are Saying: RNC Day One

5 years ago

Not at the Republican National Convention in Tampa? The next best thing may be right in front of your nose, as online media is playing bigger role than ever in the 2012 convention season. #GOP12 and #RNC have been trending all day on Twitter, and it’s just getting started.

What are people saying? Here’s some highlights...

From the Right:

The top tweets are filled with enthusiasm and can-do attitude:

Even presidential candidate Mitt Romney is tweeting (although Ann’s account has been quiet):

Another tweet that’s been at the top of the list all day, by Republican Girl Problems, talks about the TMFest, a conservative film festival taking place in Tampa, featuring the controversial film Obama's America: 2016


But apparently what many conventioneers were looking forward to was Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band cancelled Monday night's scheduled performance:

Twitter itself is getting in the game. The social media is company is giving out RNC buttons to convention-goers:

What are bloggers saying? Convention goers must still be too busy with activities, but on Roll Call, Gretchen Hamel is calling for the Republican -- and Democratic -- convention platforms to address the debt (Gretchen Hamel):

... a more serious conversation needs to take place about the burgeoning debt that is threatening the nation. The best way to get that conversation going is for both parties to include a commitment to reduce the national debt in their respective platforms.

From the Left:

Liberal tweets dominated the Twitter feeds for both #GOP12 and #RNC, and they’re just as scathing as the conservative tweets are enthusiastic.

Democratic bloggers are focusing on Tropical Storm Isaac, calling the potential hurricane a metaphor for the state of the Republican Party. FromEclectablog:

It might be nice to imagine hurricane menacing this week’s Republican Convention as a sign from Mother Nature about the danger of denying science or a rebuke from God for those who use His name to moralize hypocritically. But the fact is planning a convention in late summer on the Gulf Coast is just an example of terrible planning.

On the Momocrats Facebook page:

Giant uterus heads to RNC – Mother Nature’s revenge

What do the locals think? A Tampa Democrat welcomes the RNC on The Broad Side:

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