What Am I Writing For?

6 years ago

I've been turning this question over in my head all morning.  Generally speaking, I write because I have to.  It's just what I do.  I've been writing for longer than I can remember.  It's just what I do.

The question is whether or not I want to try to make any money doing this.  By moving my site to a host that permits advertising, selling ad space in my sidebars, and doing the occasional sponsored post.  There is no harm in it, I know.  Extra money is always a good thing, I know.  But as someone who actually pays NOT to have advertising on her site, listens to The Age of Pursuasion, has read Noam Chomsky, and who worked for nine years in an ad-based publishing firm....

I'm just not sure it's what I want.

I actually buy relatively few products.  I happen to believe that living simply is the answer to so many global problems, and that spending a little more to support an ethical company will pay big dividends later.  So, there are severe limits on the types of advertising I could accept, in good conscience.  Or the sort of sponsored posts I could write, in good conscience.  It's not that I think blogging for money is a bad thing.  It's not!  But I can't write you all a post from my heart about how much I value the planet and the people living on it, alongside a banner advert for disposable training pants.

Of course, extra money is always a good thing....

A long time ago, I felt like I was selling my soul to pay the bills.  For a long time after the bills were paid, I justified that feeling every day against other people's less ethical behaviour.  Because, you know, as long as I was selling my soul for a lower price I was somehow virtuous.  Like a martyr who wore id="mce_marker"50 leather boots and dined out four nights a week.

I don't want to be that person, ever again.

(I know.  I have issues.)

Anyway, it comes down to whether I want to move my site over to a self-hosted platform .  At this point, I'm thinking I'd rather spend the time getting my front-yard garden boxes built and maybe washing some windows....

What do you all think?


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