What all bloggers and social media users should know

4 years ago

If you are a blogger, a social media user — frequently, infrequently, or an addict — you need to know something extremely serious.

And there isn’t an easy way to say it, so I’ll just tell you straight out.

Here it is:

What you say in one Facebook post, Twitter update, Instagram text picture, or blog post can change someone’s life — for the best or unfortunately, for the ultimate worse.

This may not seem too serious and you may be thinking, “Really?” This is what all bloggers and social media users should know? Thanks, Ashley. You just wasted a minute of my life reading your blog post. But hear me out.

Today I hosted a Twitter chat with a friend called #EncourageMe. After an hour or so of tweeting, I went to TweetReach.com. It tracks how many impressions you’ve made. 

The chat included 17 people, but from those 17 we made 79,798 impressions. Meaning that our tweets — on whatever we were talking about — reached over 50,000 people. Can you image how many people that is?

Here’s a visual. The picture below is the National Olympic Stadium, located in Tokyo  Japan. The photograph was taken in 1964 and it seated 57,363 people.


That’s a lot of people. And according to TweetReach we reached 22,000+ people than what you see above in the stadium. 

Luckily, we were tweeting about encouraging and keeping yourself uplifted. But what if we were talking about something negative? Say, something degrading, condemning, and untrue? All of those people would have received a negative message.

So what’s my point…?

What we say in this heavily technology-based era goes far beyond what we imagine. One tweet or blog post or even Facebook status can make such a powerful (and even life-changing) impression on someone.

Be careful what you say. Your conversation doesn’t just reach one or two people. It reaches thousands, who you can influence for good or worse.

And while I can’t speak for you, I’d hate to lead almost 80,000 people into the wrong direction. Tweet and post wisely.

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