@wellwishes about to Make Twitter History: Just 20hrs left: Tweet $2 @tipjoy for @wellwishes for Charity:Water

9 years ago
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Right at this moment,
there's about 20 hours left to reach the goal of $25,000 raised for
Charity : Water via a microdonating campaign on twitter known as
@wellwishes. $25k is the cost to build wells for clean water in five villages).

Impelled by a desire to provide clean water in areas of the world that desperately need it, Laura Fitton,
President of Pistachio Consulting, launched @wellwishes campaign, the
first ever to microfundraise exclusively via twitter for Charity:Water.
She's toured areas in India where she's seen first hand the problematic
conditions there and elsewhere resulting in 5,000 children perishing
daily without access to clean water.

She's using her birthday (today, January 21) as the cut off date for the campaign.

In just four weeks, through tweets, retweets and blogposts including coverage on the Christmas issue of the Huffington Post, over $12,000 has been raised in the past month by close to 600 contributors. There's two $5,000 matches that will be donated if another $3,000 comes in through microdonations.

And she's promoting a relatively newly launched microdonating via twitter tool, known as tipjoy.com (@tipjoy on twitter).

So consider donating $5 to Charity:Water: via this campaign. All you have to do is go to tipjoy.com, set up a free account, contribute $5 from a paypal account and then tip out to the @wellwishes campaign.

If you are on twitter, follow @wellwishes and click the link to the website.

If you are not on twitter, here's a recent tweet from @wellwishes outlining other ways to donate:

"Friends want to donate but aren't on Twitter? http://tipjoy.com/joy/127420/ or tip http://twitter.com/wellwishes from http://www.tipjoy.com about 17 hours ago from web"
In the spirit of the inauguration, as we are witnessing the emergence of using twitter for microsharing and microfunding, join me in making Laura Fitton's Birthday wish come true and help @wellwishes reach it's goal.
***If you need any help to donate, send a direct message to me @tresha or email me at tre at thought by thought dot net.
Thanks for considering and be well. :)

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