Welcome to Moe's Sojourn Blog

I call it Moe's Sojourn. I chose it, because Moe's Journey was already taken. So, after a little prayer (as I will be Glorifying God) I checked out some synonyms. 

Sojourn: verb

To stay for a time in a place; live temporarily: to sojourn on the Riviera for two months.


I'd like to blog to give encouragement and seek encouragement from those God sends to Moe's Sojourn. I have much to write about, I think ;)  

I'd like to be myself on my blog, be very candid and hope to be inspirational! Although I wish to speak on personal and intimate topics, I wish to still articulate a lighter side. I believe this will be a powerful, inspiring, emotional, yet laced with my sense of sarcasm and sense of humor! 

Most of all this will be guided by God and what He places on my heart. You may sense laughter from God himself! That's always my favorite thing to do, make God himself laugh or smile or feel proud! I hope to somehow inspire God, although I doubt that would be easy! Lol I just mean in the form of worship or making Him proud and hopefully giving Him reason to think; "Wow, Moe, I just love you so!" 

Who Is This Moe, person? 


My name is Maureen Peltier. My friends and loved ones sometimes or often call me Moe. I'm a renewed and fortified child of God, a wife, a mother of four, a friend, a Soldier (medical discharge pending) for the Washington State National Guard.                                                                                         


Moe (couple yrs ago)                                                  Cory and Moe

Currently my husband (Cory) is a First Sergeant for the Wa Army National Guard.

     (All nick names or short names only to protect their privacy) 

My only son Mike is 21yrs old. 

He is on a path of his own at the moment. I may or may not write about current events, maybe mostly my memories with him, my favorite memories and my mistakes. He's my first born and my heart is broken. However, God holds me through it. 

My oldest daughter, Tori is about to be 18! 

AND my step daughter Chey is about to be 18!

Those two girls are 5 days apart. Best friends, love each other with a bond I'm so honored to witness every day! They most always make me laugh! They are both college bound. Many details and stories I will be sharing about them! I can't imagine not telling you all! Lol those stories will be fun to write! 

Now onto my youngest child and daughter; but not young enough! :) Her beauty will take your breath away!

Libbi (I always call her Libbi Lou)

She's artistic like me, but better! She is becoming a wonderful young lady over all. The jury is still out, but she had me the moment I gave birth to her! She has had it the hardest. She was a baby when I joined the Army and shortly after was deployed to Iraq. Often, she did not really know me. Over the years she has struggled to be close with me while watching me attend the many needs of the older ones.... But God is so glorious, He gave us a nice long car ride to ourselves to talk about woes that I felt was time to let her know.....that I know how she feels and that we are close & that God will mend us. That she is greatly loved. The conversation wrapped up with how much more alone time her and I will have when her sisters go to college. It will be just her and I! I suspect another wonderful round of high school years with Libbi! But not every day. Sadly it was decided a couple years ago that she would live with her father. They know each other better and he is an awesome dad! Now I'm most likely this whimsical good mommy! Muuaaahaa haa haaa  

Our additional family members: 

I love talking about our pets! Here's the list of each pet species, names & ages:


                                       SSG Jazz 11yrs 


                                       Clem 6yrs                       Hail Mary 5yrs & Manny 1yr



                                        Tundra 4yrs                                                      Rana 4yrs                                                  



                 Halo 16-17yrs (Black and White)                             Guilda 4yrs  

Hercules 7-8yrs              


                               Ava 4-5yrs                                                   Velvet 9yrs

Ok, that's the building blocks to my life and the most important characters. I can't wait for you to get to know us! I think recording my sojourning will be healthy for me and hope to accomplish more for others. This is my mark! ;)    

Well, enjoy the Sojourn with me! I will try to pray for a great imagination on the topic God plans for our sojourn! I'm sure I will share fun Pinterest collections, and reviews as well....cause I 'Keep Calm and Pin On' a lot! I have such dreams! 




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