A Week Without Kids!!!

6 years ago
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I'm having a week without kids.  My ex has taken them camping for the whole week and when they come back next Saturday, I'm going to be camping with my boyfriend for the weekend, so I won't be seeing them until Monday.

So, what have I noticed so far?  It's quiet.  It's different without them.  I'm so used to the whole summer with them around.  I get to be with them every day as I have an Ebay job where I can work from home.  So I am visiting them all day and leave for my place in the evening to spend some time watching a movie and vedging out with my two cats.


But the quiet is sometimes nice.  It's good to be able to have a vacation from your kids once in a great while.  It is usually needed.

We all need breaks sometimes.  They need a break from me and I need one from them.

The first thing I have noticed is that I have more time to have writing on my laptop.  I've had to share the laptop with Julia (my youngest) all summer.  She's been wanting to play her online games on it as they don't work on her old computer.

I am hoping that Santa delivers a new one this Christmas so we don't have this dilemna next summer.

This is why I'm looking forward to fall time.

The quiet time is nice.  I've been hanging out at their house for a little bit while they are gone, and feeding their pet and getting their mail.  It's also been nice to have a little break from my cats.  They sleep on me all the time as they miss me.

So, I've been getting to have control of the TV.  I don't have TV at my place as I'm not there much.  I just watch my movies and have no TV stations.

So, I've been watching Shark movies on Syfi one day and then lots of other movies.  Finished watching Gladiator.  I love that movie.  And watched part of Bladerunner and The Fifth Element.

And I've been blogging, doing Ebay, commenting and blog hopping.  And yesterday, I decided to spend part of the day cutting up my yo yo circles for sewing projects.  I've got more fabric to cut up later today and I've got more knitting projects to do.  

I'm currently knitting a cool honeycomb cable stitch pattern on headbands and bracelets.  

And part of my day has been taking 20-30 minutes out of the early morning to get a walk in.  I've lost ten pounds so far from my original weight.  I've got a ways to go.  I'd like to get down to where I might have been when I first started having kids.

And this morning, I have been loving getting to watch the Today Show.  

And I've been called down to my boyfriend's house later this afternoon for a few days to help move his couch and other things.  So I will be spending a few nights at his house and back to the kids house later this week.


I was going to watch Kathy Lee and Hoda but have forgotten that the Olympics are on.

I've had a second cup of coffee today.  I've been cutting back to one cup a day for a while, but am treating myself this week.  And treated myself to popcorn with butter and parmesean cheese.  My mom's friend got us putting Parmesean cheese on our popcorn years ago and I love it.  Sometimes I add in a little bit of lemon pepper seasoning or I used to add a little bit of seasoned salt.  Either one of those also work when the cheese is gone.

And later this week, I want to write my new chapter to The Glorious Money Tree and publish the new one on the blog.  It's handwritten, but not typed and edited yet.

So, I have all kinds of thoughts as to how I want to spend my week without kids.  And part of it is going to be having more time to spend on my laptop.  Seeing as when I get back on Monday, she will be controlling it again.

I don't mind, as I get to spend more time on my crafting.  I'm always able to get things done anyway.  It's just a matter of manuevering my time a little differently.

Don't we all have to make sacrifices for our children in the summer?  It happens and they are our priorities and we want to stop at nothing to make sure that they are happy and not bored to tears until school picks up again in the fall.

They have about three weeks left now.  It's hard to believe it is almost coming to an end.

But, anyway, quiet time away from the children is wonderful.  We as Moms and adults need to recharge our souls and do things that we need to do while they are gone.  It makes us a better Mom when they come back.


Nobody wants to be a burnt out mom.


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 6, 2012


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