The wedding guests.

4 years ago

My mother in law to be was coming to Ontario for our wedding.

Her sister and husband were coming from Dundee, Scotland as well.

They were all staying at his house for two weeks.

One week prior and one week post wedding.


We picked them up at the airport. 

They arrived within hours of each other.

We were honored to have them at our wedding.

It would be a nice vacation for the three of them as well.


She wanted to show me her wedding outfit.

She came out of the bedroom with something in her hands.

It was unclear what it was.

It’s me hat! WAS a hat, as in, it used to be a hat.

Now, it was a squished ball of whicker.

Owwk, it will be fine!

It was difficult to be with my MIL (to-be) and not laugh. 


The wedding day arrived,

Everyone looked lovely,

Believe it or not,

So did her hat.


They returned to their homes before we returned from our honeymoon.

They had used our car to go sightseeing.

They drove to Niagara Falls and Toronto.

They went to the beaches near our home. 


They had left a note on the table.

In the note they thanked us for our hospitality,

They congratulated us on our marriage.

They wished us well in our life together.


At the bottom of the note,

There was a PS. Line.

And a drawing.

The drawing was of a yield sign.

They had written:  What does this sign mean?


Good lord! 

They were driving all over southern Ontario

In our car,

And didn’t know what a yield sign meant! 


A few weeks passed.

My MIL called mid day. 

I was home alone. 


She wanted to know how close the nearest SEARS store was.

I explained. 

Then I asked why.

Answer:  She wanted to order us a new toilet.

Why would you want to do that, I asked, with as much sobriety in my voice, as I could muster.

Answer:  She noticed a ring in the toilet when she stayed during the wedding.  She thought it was old and we needed a new one. 


What does a person say to their brand new MIL after such an explanation?

I said no thanks.  It just needed to be cleaned.  Ring is gone.  No need to worry. 



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