We Want to Know the Good and the Bad

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Recruiters can go to great lengths to get the right person into a role. Resumes are collected, people are interviewed, discussions take place and selections are made. Once the job is filled, the recruiter has huge hopes that they’ve made the perfect match and that everything is moving along swimmingly for all involved.  Sometimes people think this point is the end of the process, but it is not. Feedback is very important to the success of a client’s current project, future projects and the relationship between the client and the staffing company.


There is nothing better than feedback from a client that the person has done a stellar job. It greatly helps the recruiter to know exactly what a client liked, so that in the future they can be sure submitted candidates share those qualities.  It’s equally important for a recruiter to know when a client doesn’t like the new hire. Suffering in silence serves no purpose. Just keeping someone because you won’t have to train someone new does yourself a disservice and the recruiter is equally disappointed.


Good recruiters want to know the good with the bad. All of it. Does the person show up on time? Are they dressed appropriately? Do they behave in a professional manner? Do they work at a speed that is satisfying? Is the work accurate? Are they fit with the company culture? Are they everything a client expected?


Telling a recruiter the positives and negatives can serve a couple of purposes. It gives clients an opportunity to either express delight or to request a replacement so that workflow can move forward seamlessly. It helps the recruiter better understand what a firm’s needs are and gain insight into the candidate for future placements. 


Sometimes, and it is rare, people will surprise you and surprise us. We always hope that the surprises are for the best - you receive a person beyond what you imagined and we are the first person you call when you need a role filled again. But if that does not turn out to be the case, sharing the news allows the staffing firm the opportunity to serve you better.


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