We need to talk

      I have submitted a proposal to be a presenter at BlogHer '11 through its Room of Your Own program. The response has been tremendous. Apparently, this is a topic that resonates with many women. The presentation title is the same as my bookCease Fire: A call to end the war between women, which begins like this:


When it comes to laying down arms and ending the battle between moms, I don’t have the answers. I won’t even pretend to. This book will raise many age-old questions and probably stir up some new ones. If you have picked it up hoping for me to solve the problem, you are likely to be disappointed. I can’t do that singlehandedly.

What I hope I can do by writing this book and sharing these stories is initiate a robust, respectful dialogue. Not between experts or professionals, but among everyday women. Those of us who are living the experience of motherhood every day and are on the front lines of this so-called “war.” We need to talk.

If we are to succeed in eradicating the Mommy Wars, we have to take the power back. We need to own this issue. Work together to solve it. I believe we can find common ground on which to build a solid foundation. It’s a start. One I feel is desperately needed. This conflict has existed for generations. It will continue for generations to come unless we stand up, together, and say, “Enough!” We didn’t start it, but we can end it. You and me.

          I don't want to wait until my presentation may be accepted. Or until I get a book deal. We need to talk now. Things are getting uglier and uglier out here on what we like to call the blogosphere. I have read some posts and comments in the past few weeks that have been so nasty, they have made me want to cry.

          On Sunday I launched The Take the Pledge Campaign. And that has gotten the conversation started. Next week I will be providing a Linky tool here on my personal blog asking Mommy Bloggers to share posts they have written on this topic. I hope you will participate. We really do need to talk! 

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