We find security in the craziest things

5 years ago

 And you will feel secure, because there is hope; you will look around and take your rest in security. Job 11:18 MSG

I sleep with a sweater. It's an old, ratty gray sweater with missing buttons that's 5 sizes too big and is

But I love it and I have trouble sleeping without it. So, the other night, I could not find it. I searched the house high and low. I looked everywhere I could think. Dressers (mine AND his), closets, under the bed, in the living room, those little hiding places in the couch - everywhere.

no sweater....

So, instead of just dealing with it, I put my cranky-pants on and a different sweater and pouted myself to bed.

Really?  Yes, really, I did.

And you know what happened?

I slept just fine without it.The security I feel from the sweater does not come from the sweater; it's something I've instilled into an object.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Don't we do the same thing - all - the - time? We put undue security in things of this world
our job
our house
our car
our credit
our status

and all the while, God is all but begging us to see that it is self-imposed security we've placed in these things and that He is the only place we need to feel secure.

because our security in God comes from God, not from us.

Letting go doesn't mean we have to live dirt poor in rags, rather it means putting our faith and security in God instead of these items. It means trusting God instead of ourselves or our bosses or the stock market.

It's about building our castles on sand or on rock.

Lord, how interesting the way we learn.  Losing my stupid sweater is what made me realize that so many of our securities are placed in objects. Father, teach us to let go of the need for meaningless security and to hold tight to the only security that matters - you.  

P.S. the next day, my husband found the sweater right next to my bed... it was NOT there before!


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