Watch Me Launch! Happy New Life, Happy New Career?

6 years ago

What happens when you start living that amazing life you dreamed about...when you find yourself finally standing on that proverbial hill under the rainbow of your dreams?

 Change happens. And change brings with it brand new life challenges to replace your old ones!

 That's where I am today - facing the challenges that come with a happy new life and a (hopefully) happy new career. Follow along and I'll share the frustrations and rewards, relationship issues, moments of self-discovery and surprises that come up when all of your dreams start coming true.

 Embarking Upon Your New Career

When I decided to leave my former life and business behind, I dreamed that some day in the future I would start a new business - one I could operate from anywhere, out of a briefcase. My new life had to be portable with no employees to manage and definitely no commuting involved.

 Well, I got that. I'm about as portable as you can get without being homeless.

 I wanted to move to paradise and meet the love of my life. I got that. I didn't expect that "paradise" necessarily meant starting my new life in a thatched hut with pigs wallowing outside an outhouse, or that I'd find myself flat broke in Mexico when payments for the sale of my business never materialized. Or, on a higher note, that the man of my dreams would walk into a tiny bed & breakfast here and sweep me off my feet after I finally gave up on love and embarked upon my own "Honeymoon for One."

 I survived, as they say, by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin. Now I have to find a way to make this new life and business work, so I can remain as happy in the future as I am right now. Now I have to actually live the life I've spent two years preparing for.

 This is liftoff.

 It's a different world, a different life, and a brand new day. So what do you think is on my mind at midnight here in paradise? The full moon? The crickets chirping in the blue velvet of night? My sweet Petie? No. What's on my mind at midnight now is the same thing that was on my mind on any given midnight back in Scottsdale. Did I get everything done today that I was supposed to do?

 No matter where you go in this world, business is business. It's way more fun here, but if you envision Margaritas in a hammock and a few hours of busywork every day when you think of running an Internet business, forget it. That's not happening until and unless you're a bazillionaire.

 I still have a daily workload of around 8 hours, but this time around I get to do part of it sitting on the banks of Lake Chapapa or parked in the sunshine on my garden terrace in the middle of December. It's prettier. It's warmer. It's definitely better. But it's still work.

 Unless and until you can retire, no matter where in the world you live, you are going to have to work. Drat!

 To answer my own question, yes, I got everything done today that I was supposed to, based on my list of tasks as per the recommendations of my consultants. So that's a good thing. But to get it all done I had to miss a party out at the communal Palapa this evening, and I skipped watching a movie with Petie tonight. In fact, he's asleep in the big bed and I'm in propped up on the guest bed in our office doing this at midnight while he snores away. So it's going to take some time to strike a balance with this whole Internet business thing.

 It feels like I've gone back to college. I'm cramming, cramming, cramming for those final exams, only they happen every day, not every semester. Every day has a test of endurance, new tasks to learn, new challenges to face, problems to solve. Tests to take and pass, or fail.

 The Shift from Student to Teacher

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early to make carrot juice and then power-walk down by the lake with Petie, since we only spent about an hour together today. Then I have to start loading a dozen new Campus Coaches into my 100 Golden Keys website; the new Campus Coaches were ready to come on-line faster than I could prepare their Pages, even with Jason doing the technical part of their installation, so I'm behind. Several times today I had to chase away an anxious hummingbird of thought that kept flitting by to whisper in my ear, have you bitten off more than you can chew?

 Only time will tell. I'm doing the best I can.

 My Schedule of Activities for Today

Here's a quick review of what I did today to grow my business based on the social media and content marketing recommendations made by my top consultants. To recap those recommendations for you, here goes:

 Summary: Youtube video posts 3 x week or more if possible, Facebook interaction every day with fresh posts, Twitter every day minimum of 2 x per day for every social media outlet, LinkedIn posts daily plus group interaction with comments, blog posts every day. Photos in all blog & Facebook posts, embedded videos when possible.

Here's what that looked like today:

-2 hours: Wrote new blog post for my "Honeymoon for One" blog (in draft, needs editing)

-1 hour: Edited a video and uploaded it to Youtube

-1 hour: Facebook "rounds" (checking in with all my friends & paying my respects to Pages that support me, by supporting them back)

-1 hour: Skype consulting with HubSpot consultant about the "win a free book" Facebook campaign, Mynders and Deb's training, how to load video into the blog

-45 minutes: Processed my emails, set up 2 meetings with affiliates

-30 min: Reviewing video Peter took for the next Chef Greg Couillard blog post

-30 min: Skype with assistant to start outsourcing 6 hrs. per week of admin tasks

-30 min: Learning the new Youtube layout (again!), then reverted back to my old Youtube format after a week of trying to use the new setup. Less functionality, more complicated!

-2 hours studying Don Crowther's training on twitter and Jon Morrow's guest blogging class.

-30 minutes downloading fresh copyright-free photos to use in my posts

As I write this down, suddenly I realize something. I know how to do all of these things - I have mastered the basics of all of these things! After months of learning and frustration, here I am.

Credit Image: jurvetson via Flickr

I have to remember to take off my student hat and put on the professor hat when it comes to making choices and decisions about the bigger picture of this business, and my life. I can't let those things that make me feel confused in one area, bleed into other areas of my life and create doubt, insecurity, fear. I know who I am. I know what I want. I am the CEO of my life and it's up to me to make the tough choices.

I choose to get up tomorrow and start all over again with a fresh perspective and gratitude. I choose my family. And I choose happiness!

So subscribe already! I could really use your support and encouragement to make it!<:}

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