Wasting my life watching the Twilight marathon...

4 years ago

There's only two more hours until midnight but I'll be darned if I miss a NaBloPoMo deadline because of a Twilight Marathon...I didn't know this until two hours ago, but apparently I am the last person on earth who has never seen Twilight.  It's unconfirmed as of now, but I'll google this later and if I am indeed the last person on earth who has never seen the Twilight movies, I will quietly think to myself "what is wrong with you people, GET A LIFE!  Seriously, vampires, humans and werewolves--but no Godzilla???  (Oh, and by the way, Bella's an idiot if she goes with the vampire, the werewolf has better abs.) 

This weekend started out with great intentions...I decided to make a commitment to really own my life...stop watching so much television and get a handle on all the junk in my house...I read an awesome post on Blogher by barbaratechel on how to clean your kitchen cabinets...it was a terrific post, and one of the first cleaning posts that didn't start out "buy garbage bags..." (although that came later in her post...)

I got in the cleaning mood by downloading Carly Rae Jepson..."here's my number, call me maybe..."  And this is crazy...but I actually got one shelf in the kitchen clean...but 3 minutes flies by pretty quick, and once the song ended so did the rest of my cleaning ambition...besides, my husband works at a funeral home, and they needed someone to do some vacuuming this weekend...believe it or not, I don't mind helping my husband by cleaning the funeral home...it's far easier to clean some place that you have no emotional attachment too...the problem at my house is all clutter...everything in my house has a story...I'm sure everything at the funeral home has a story as well, but I make it a point to never get involved...until tonight anyway...

Most of the time you can tell the age of someone by their  first name...for instance, if you have a Meghan, or a Hannah, or Sara with no "h" you know this person was in their early 20's or younger, and we had one of those names at the funeral home this weekend.  This person's last moment was violent and instantanous, but their obituary simply stated "------ passed peacefully from this life on..."  This person had a loving family, belonged to a caring church, and would've celebrated a milestone birthday next week, but this person made a real stupid choice exactly one week ago today.  She was, as I write this, in her final hour one week ago right now...and this really haunts me...how many stupid decisions did I make in my life, but I never had to pay for them with my life?  I was really lucky...one time I fell asleep in my 72 Volkswagon Hatchback while driving all night to my boyfriends house after working a long radio shift at my station...it would've been around 2 or 3 am, and it was somewhere on Route 3 near Dubuque...the last thing I remembered thinking was maybe if I closed one eye at a time, I could rest that eye...next thing I know, I was on the other side of the road in a ditch...alive, and now, most certainly AWAKE...I truly believe that some day I'll meet my guardian angel and the first thing he/she will say is "you idiot!  I could've been guarding someone important like Kristin Stewart but because she wasn't born yet I got you!  What a freakin' waste of my time...and by the way, the vampire is way hotter then the werewolf...moron."   

That last comment was really dumb...I hope...but I believe that some of the poorest decisions of my life has to do with treating my time on earth as an unlimited commodity, like I do with pennies...You know what happens with pennies, you always have too many pennies until you need a couple, then it's "what the hell happened with the pennies?"  No excuses this time!    Exactly one week ago someone was living their final hour on earth, and there is no way I'm going to waste this hour...I'm going to clean my house, exercise more, eat better and I resolve to change this right now....right after this Twilight marathon...

Cindy Huber

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