Practicing 'Warrior' Faith

6 years ago
I used to 'date' this guy that I met at a 'wing ding' - a hole in the wall type restaurant that sells chicken wings.  We met when I was in law school and although our romantic relationship did not last, we remained friends.Once, during one of our dating periods,we had a conversation about me being worried and stressed out about something.Now, he and I rarely had any conversations of substance, so this was rare.
He was not the type of person that I would normally go to for advice, he was a playboy generally not interested in any sort of deep conversation.But on this day, he shared something profound with me.  He told me that his grandmother used to say, “Worrying means you have no faith.”  Not a novel concept, but no one had ever put it to me in that way and so simply.

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I began to look at my playboy buddy in a new light.  He could be deep, but that’s not the point of this story.  The point is I realized on that day, that if I had faith in a higher power (in my case, God), then I must believe and I must not worry. 

Since that day, however many years it has been, when I begin to worry, I remember what he told me and try to truly believe in it.  And you know what? It works.I have faith that ultimately things will be just fine.I try to do all that I can that is within my power, but I have to leave the rest up to God.  I am beginning to really learn what it is to have faith, 'warrior faith.' 

I recently read an interesting tweet: "Only when you are placed in situations where there is nothing or no one who can save you but God, will you learn the lessons of warrior faith."  The trials that I have experienced this last year have really taught me the lesson of what it means to have warrior faith.

Now that the latest dark period in my life seems to have passed, I realize how blessed I have been. I had an awesome childhood and adulthood full of lessons and many blessings. As I look over my life, I cannot really complain.

As I enter into this newest phase of my life, I often find myself worrying about the type of mother I will be, if I am doing things right, will my daughter be happy and the like.  I realize that as long as I am on this earth that I will likely never stop worrying about my daughter. But, this is just another challenge that I must hand over to God.   

Thank you, Rodney, for the words of wisdom.

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