The War on Women: Government

5 years ago

Let’s imagine for a moment that the women of this country are denied access to birth control and that abortion is no longer an option. We now live in a country where any woman who becomes pregnant has to give birth to that child, regardless of circumstance. How would that affect the country? More importantly, how would that affect the millions of moderates and conservatives screaming for less government involvement/socialism in our country?

If woman are not allowed to take measures in their personal lives to prevent pregnancy, this would certainly not limit government involvement in the personal lives of our nation’s citizens.

Each year nearly a million teenage women become pregnant in the U.S., one million babies born every year to young women who are either financially and or emotionally incapable of providing for those children. One in ten American teenage women becomes pregnant before the age of 20.

Abortion lowers crime. Some estimates claim that legalized abortion accounted for as much as 50% of the drop in murder, property crime, and violent crime between 1973 and 2001. Teenage girls, unmarried women, and poor women are more likely to have unintended pregnancies. Unwanted babies are often raised poor, increasing their chances of leading criminal lives in adulthood.

How would our country address these issues if women were denied the right to have an abortion?

Adoption -With an increase in births, the likelihood of these children all finding a home is not very realistic. Many children would wind up in the system, either foster care or the reestablishment of orphanages, millions of children now the sole responsibility of the U.S. government.

Welfare – The children who did stay with their mother would likely still require financial and medical assistance for the family. The government would wind up assuming financial responsibility for children born to women who are not capable of providing for them on their own.

From welfare to foster care to incarceration, all of this increases the need for government involvement in the lives of individual citizens. It could result in the implementation of more socialist government structure with the institution of orphanages and more government assistance not to mention the increased likelihood that women forced to have children before they are prepared to provide for and care for them could significantly impact the their chances for success in the future.

Forcing women to have children would not decrease government but increase it. The government would be assuming responsibility for rearing our countries unwanted children. They role of the government would be more prominent in the lives of some of our most vulnerable citizens. If the goal is to limit government in the everyday lives of its citizens making abortion illegal is not the way to achieve it.

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