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It's Saturday and the weather is oh, so fine.  The floor is finally vacuumed and washed.  I am sitting here, empty of words.  I am flexing my fingers and wiggling my toes.  I am trying, giving it a go.

I always go to bed full of resolve - of doing this, doing that.  But in the morning, I am deflated, not feeling up to par.  So then, I feel guilty.  I give myself a silent talk, trying to drum up some energy.

IMG_0978I took Sheba out right after breakfast.  We did a little fast walking/slow jogging.  The sun was shining, the air fragrant with blossoms.  The streets were silent, devoid of traffic and people.  It was the weekend.  People were away or sleeping in, I guess.  I shouldn't feel bad about being laxidaisydo (my made up word for my lazy condition).    I scolded myself for this obsession of wanting - wanting to do so much, but not doing it at all.

I wonder how many of us have this modern affliction/obsession of wanting and doing.  Can I/we not be satisfied with being - being still, being in the moment, doing one thing at a time?  I probably would be able to accomplish more goals - turning my wants to deeds instead of wishes.  I bet I would be more peaceful and happy, too.

I've found a few words after all.  Not great gems but they have some value.  Maybe they're greater than I think.


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