Walking on Wednesday ~ Hoarder or Collector?

4 years ago

The million dollar question.

One that inevitably creeps into your head when you are preparing for a yard sale. But even worse when hubby puts on Hoarders and refuses to change the channel for 3 hours.

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You are going through all your worldly belongings, when questions like, "Do I really need 2 bundt pans?" enter your brain. Have I ever baked 2 cakes at the same time? Of course not! So the logical answer is, "NO!, I really don't need 2 bundt pans!!" Then, the thought creeps in, "But maybe I should save one for my daughter who someday might want to bake a bundt cake...."



After you have convinced yourself it is really ok to have only one bundt pan, you move on to more difficult things. Like collections of things hubby has been collecting for a gazillion years, each one painstakingly selected, researched, and purchased, then lovingly taken care of move after move after move. 

With so much we are getting rid of, he starts to worry his beloved collections will be given away to the lowest bidder at the yard sale.

"I don't want to give away my mask collection," 
(no hun, we don't have to do that) "or the thousands of dollars of artwork we have!" (again, no hun, but seriously we could never afford a house big enough to hang all of the artwork we have.)


So this volley of 'Hoarder' and 'Collector' has occurred regularly in our house for the last month or so. Then, we watched Hoarders, and suddenly we were saying "Who needs that set of 6 knives when this perfectly good set of 4 will do? Oh, but I do need to go buy a serrated knife then, you know for the bread and stuff. Yes, I could use a nice new one to go with my smaller set."

So now I am talking about buying new knives because I am getting rid of the set with a serrated knife. 

I never said logic was involved here.

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Then there is the basement. Where you stuff things you haven't unpacked from your LAST move. (Yes, we still have unopened boxes from our last move down there) The hard question here is "Why haven't we opened these boxes?? What the heck is in them??"

Oh, and did I mention the tools?
Hubby has yet to go through his tools. 
Tools that have been untouched for years, tools he asks me where they are because he can never find the ones he is looking for, tools that are so old their usefulness is outdated. 
There might be some hoarding going on there. 

And I am not judging, except I already went through my yarns and fabrics, and I am proud to say I fit what I wanted to keep in 2 bins, and a large bag of unfinished projects, and a card table top I have yet to pack, and a small bin of unfinished projects. 

That is it! Oh, and I do keep finding charms in various places throughout the house. Charms I cannot get rid of, because I will use them someday, soon. And I really mean it! 

That is NOT hoarding, right?


Well, our yard sale has a TON of stuff in it. I think quite literally a ton. At least it will feel like that as we carry everything outside Friday, set it up nicely, and move what didn't sell Friday it in at night, then back outside again Saturday morning.

Saturday night? I think Goodwill will be getting a visit. 

Unless I decide to have another yard sale, one closer to when we move. Yeah, then whatever didn't sell this weekend can be set out again, and we can try again!
Another yard sale? That isn't obsessive, is it? 

It is hard to tell, sometimes, which way you lean. When does collecting become hoarding? And how do you notice when it does?

What are you? 
Are you a collector, or do you tend to fall on the hoarder side? 
Maybe we can star on the show together!!

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