Walking the walk v/s talking the talk

3 years ago


Did y’all know that frequently reading the Bible “makes the reader more prone to agree with liberals on certain issues. This is true even when accounting for factors such as political beliefs, education level, income level, gender, race, ...”? Sure, it also “increases opposition to abortion as well as homosexual marriage and unions and] boosts a belief that science helps reveal God's glory. It diminishes hopes that science will eventually solve humanity's problems. But unlike some other religious practices, reading the Bible more often has some liberalizing effects”.

Wait a minute! Republicans attend church way more often than Democrats! So why isn’t reading the Bible turning the GOP back into the party of Eisenhower & Lincoln?

Could it be that studying the works of Jesus and attending a church are different things? Could it be that Far Right Evangelicals know as much about Jesus as the average octopus? Not that the far right are like octopuses. The far right twatwaffles have more tentacles and cannot learn new information, just for starters. Plus, I like octopuses. Or I like octopi. As with spellcheck, I am okay with pluralizing the octopus either way.

Apparently, when one reads the Bible one learns many things that make one progressive, including how Jesus was pro helping immigrants, prisoners, the poor, paying your taxes, and redistributing of wealth. You also find out what he didn’t like: Mammon worship and self-aggrandizement and wealthy hypocrites.

So why are young people, who are more progressive than older people, leaving the Christian Church in droves? Well, it’s because of the Holier Than Thou Asshats who attend and think that it makes them de facto “Christians”. The right-wing humping churches spend less time talking about Jesus and more time ranting about the evils of “the world”. People are leaving the church because:

  1. The Church is too insular — They tell you everything outside the church is bad and wrong… even though young people know that’s not the case.
  2. Church isn’t important, relevant, or interesting to the younger generation.
  3. Christians are too anti-science.
  4. Christians are sex-negative, wrongly pushing abstinence-only education and avoiding frank discussions about sex.
  5. Christianity is too “exclusive” — you’re either one of them or you’re the enemy.
  6. Christians are hostile to those who doubt any part of the faith.

In short, progressive youth is leaving a progressive religion because the conservative dickheads who trumpet their “faith” are being hypocritical, woman-hating, gay-bashing shitweasels.

Jesus wept.

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