Waiting for the World to End, while eating a TV Dinner...

4 years ago

So here it is...my last day on earth...you know, if the Mayans got it right...we just had a snow storm yesterday and today it's freakin' cold out...so here I am at 4:30 in the afternoon, still in my pj's and wrapped up in a blanket because if the end of the world happens in the next few minutes, and it turns out that it's not fire or explosion but cold that takes me out...at least I'll go comfortable, in front of the tube catching up on this season of Survivor (darn that Jeff Probst is so cute)...I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but I tried to get on that show for 5 years....Now, I know what you're thinking..."Cindy, there are no Starbucks or Coke machines on that island..."  Yes, believe it or not, I'm aware of that fact...although I never stop searching for it when they show everyone in the jungle desperately looking for something edible to eat...I'm not looking at being on Survivor for the million dollars or the experience of freezing in the middle of the jungle during a 21 day rain storm...I would do Survivor simply because it looks like the most effective diet plan out there...NO DIET DRUGS, NO DIET SHAKES...you simply starve to death in the middle of the jungle while TV camera's are rolling!  Honestly, I think I could do it...and I really need to lose the weight!

But of course, Survivor takes on a whole new meaning on the last day of earth...if the Mayans got it right and all...but I'm thinking, if the end truly comes tonight, and if the cable goes out before it happens, and I don't see it on the News, can I truly believe it's happening? 

The last few weeks have been so foggy, that if the end comes tonight, I might actually miss it because I'll be taking a nap...my mom has been in the hospital a couple of times this month, most recently this past week when she was rushed by ambulance because she couldn't breathe...they took 15 pounds of fluid out of her and she got out yesterday...I was suppose to be there today...I decided to spend Christmas with my parents and bought a plane ticket on the last day of earth...well actually, I didn't consciencely pick December 21st...it just happened to be the cheapest rate on Orbitz, which in retrospect, of course, I mean, who picks the last day of earth to take a plane ride?  Someone whose foggy, that's who...I mean, I just got done spending a week with my mom and dad, and the first 3 days were wonderful, but as the week progressed and my mom's weight escalated, I was begging my mom to go to emergency, but she refused, because she didn't want to be sitting in the hospital while we were here visiting her...which I assured her wasn't a problem because Saturday night is rotissere chicken night at Mercy...and I'm a big fan of chicken...but last night when my phone rang at 3am, I jumped out of bed anticipating the worst..."Oh my God, this is it, this is the phone call..."

(sniff) "Hello?"

"This is Delta Airlines informing you that your trip has been canceled for today, please call Delta Reservations to reschedule..."  I swear, that's the nicest automated message I've ever received considering the circumstances...it did take a couple of hours for my heart to stop racing...I should've taken advantage of that and gone down and did the dishes or laundry or something, instead of laying in bed listening to my heart beat...my dogs took advantage of the situation by begging to go outside, which was terrible because it was so cold out there...

So here it is Friday afternoon on the last day of earth, the dogs want to go outside again, it's still cold, plus the sun has gone down, so that makes it cold and bleak...and I still haven't gotten out of my pajamas...Yet, on the plus side, my TV dinner just got done and it's the one with a delicious brownie so for the next few minutes I'm going to enjoy a TV dinner that only a Hungry Man would appreciate while waiting for the end..."Oh, what kind of dinner is it?"      

Chicken of course.

Cindy Huber                                                                                                                           

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