Waif-Fu is Bull-Shit

4 years ago

I was in martial arts training for several years. I loved learning the “forms” but I hated sparring. I really sucked at it. I’m slow, and I pulled my punches about 6 feet short lest I hurt my sparring partner, even if he was a 7’ black belt. They used to pat me on the head after sparring with me because my reluctance to “hurt” them was so damn cute. *scowl*


However, I did learn a lot of valuable things about hand-to-hand combat, and all those things have left me with a lasting abhorrence of the bullshit known as Waif-Fu.


Waif-Fu is when a show/movie has a 90 lbs heroine fight off 5 guys who all weigh 230 and have bulging pecs, because WOW she knows some sort of magic martial arts that renders muscle power completely unnecessary!


This woman cannot kick a gigantic alien’s face in, even if she IS the fifth element:


The Waif-fu trope drives me bananas. Muscle and weight make a hella difference in a fight and it is pure delusion to think otherwise.Trust me. I proved my point once upon a time when I pinned a friend of mine in armwrestling in less than one second. Seriously, it was “thwap” and her hand was on the table. I wasn’t going to the gym back then, and I was incredibly weak comparative to where I am today. She was (and still is) someone who goes to the gym. She lifts weights with the zeal of a religious fanatic who thinks the way to heaven is earned with defined triceps and six-pack abs. She was completely smug when she sat down, ready to kick my slothful ass.


Thwap. *stunned facial expression*


She didn’t calculate how strong I had to be just to haul my gelatinous bulk around, and she failed to calculate the strength limits of a waif. She was 5’ and weighed less than 100 lbs even as awesomely ripped as she was. There is only so much “strong” Mother Nature can pack into a woman that size.


Then the weakest male bookworm in the room proceeded to kick my ass in arm wrestling. Testosterone gave him a huge advantage. That’s biology.


Let me be clear, however, that I’m not saying woman cannot be strong. They can. But for a woman to be able to fight in combat and all that (which they SHOULD be allowed to do if they want) she has to have a big enough frame to pack some serious muscles mass on it as well as the willpower and training to leap over the testosterone-advantage hurtle.


There was a female black belt in my dojo that wiped the floor with the other black belts, regardless of their gender. She was super-fast, so she evaded the heavier male blows and she could in-and-out quickly enough to do some damage and still avoid the return hit. But her greatest “weapon” was the fact she was 5’8” with a larger frame (but she was not fat) so she could actually become strong even in relation to male competitors. She was the living embodiment of the difference between kung-fu and waif-fu.


I was in AWE of her.

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