Video Killed the Radio Star

4 years ago
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Margaret Brandwick-Kearns

09:50 – 12 Nov 2012 UTC-7

Submitted by: Lt. Joseph Carmichael


The following is a transcript of my interview with Margaret Foley Brandwick-Kearns, female, Age 43. Resident of Young America, Michigan.  Occupation: Unemployed

Ms. Brandwick has come in voluntarily to answer questions about a video that Mrs. Robin Okwandi, wife of Romeo Okwandi, PhD student at UP State. Mrs. Okwandi received the video, as well as a note in the mail yesterday. The note and video have been submitted to evidence.

 ~signed D.Johnson transcriber


JC:  Alright, so, let’s go over this again. You met Romeo in class, and proceeded to remain friendly with him, knowing that he was married.

MK:  Um, well yes. But he was separated, or that’s what he told me. He would go home to see his children, then come back down to the city for school. I mean, I was separated too..

JC:  But, so, you told me that your friendship was based on something else, yes? That you were trying to elicit information about your professor?

MK: *sighs* Yes, like I said, my professor and some of the other PhD students were residents in a virtual reality game called “Dream Life.”  They would tease me to no end about how they knew who I was, but I didn’t know who they were. I mean, I suspected, but – it always changed. Anyway, Romeo was in Dream Life, too – and when he and the professor’s travelled to Africa together, I figured he got to know them pretty well.  Apparently Romeo had strong ties with the government in Uganda, and his home of Cote D’Ivoire.

JC: Okay, but I’m still having problems getting from there – this “pseudo friendship” to here. (motions to video screen.)

MK: I told you. I was desperate. Things were unraveling. I felt persecuted, like I was being watched, like none of my emails were going through to potential employers. Romeo would say things…

JC: What kind of things?

MK:  Things – like, for example – how he didn’t “condone” corrective rape, but he had many friends who did and so had to respect their opinion

JC: Oooh, that couldn’t have sat well, seeing as how you were living with your girlfriend at the time

MK: We were just dating! How many times…

JC: Just continue—

MK:  Well, he’d also mention very specific topics of conversation I would have, one after texting with one of my best friends, Vivian. Whom, I found out later, also happened to live a few miles away from he and his wife’s house up north.

JC:  So you thought he was hacking your phone.

MK:  Yes, my computer, my phone, my emails….

JC:  But you have no proof.

MK:  I wouldn’t even have the slightest idea how to get proof. Other than talk with him to get more information…

JC:  (nodding) So, you felt persecuted--

MK:  Yes, at one point, I even felt like people were following me – wherever I went, in the store, pulling in and waiting for me in their trucks--

JC:  Ok. So what did you do?

MK:  I figured if he was the one watching me online, and hacking my stuff – then if I had him at my desk – well I had to think fast…

JC:   You keep saying that.

MK:  …and I needed to do something that would attract attention. In case anyone else was watching, I wanted to see if there would be any fallout.

JC:  Fallout?

MK:  Yes, like… when you post something online and you’re immediately spammed or flamed or trolled.  That’s like fallout.

JC:  So…wait – this was your solution??

MK:  Yes…I ahm….I.. Isu keko…

JC:  Ahm, could you repeat that please, into the mic, please.

MK:  I sucked his cock.

JC:  <long pause> So that is you. In the video.

MK:  Yes.

JC:  And you were recording this?

MK:  What?

JC:  You recorded this video and sent it to his wife?

MK:  No, I did no such thing!  I mean, the CAMERA WASN'T EVEN ON.

JC:  So, you’re saying … what you’re saying is Someone Else recorded this and sent it to—


They both turn to the sound of a knock at the door, and a tall blonde gent wearing a black suit walks in, grabs a chair from the wall and drags it to the table to sit.  Margie didn't recognize him at first, and then it dawned on her...Frau Buschman's German class. 


DE:  Good Morning, Joe.

JC:  Good Morning, Donald.

DE:  (smirking) Good Morning, Ms. Kearns.

MK: (surprised) Good Morning. Don.

JC:  I take it you two know each other?

MK:  Not really. We went to high school together, Facebook friends.

DE:  I’ve come to give you both a heads up. It seems our friend, Romeo, here, hosted a VIP from our list last Spring.

MK:  Oh right, he told me that – Some guy named Connie.

DE:  Yes, yes K-O-N-T-A-Y, is how it’s pronounced. He’s wanted for war crimes in the better part of Africa, and has been eluding Interpol for decades.  In fact, that little video you made included quite a bit of information, and entertainment – not just the x-rated stuff –(he laughs, then pauses) – by the way, you didn’t look like you were having much fun.

MK:  No, I wasn’t having any fun.  This is not fun, Dream Life is no longer fun.  My classes are no longer any fun. My work is no longer fun. I just don’t think I’m the Nancy Drew type that I thought I was. I fricken hate this lying bullshit. Let’s go on an adventure, he said. It’ll be FUN, he said…

DE: Well, I doubt Nancy Drew would go to such lengths—

MK: Shut the fuck up. (laughs)


Margie opened the envelope containing Romeo’s dossier.  He’d doubled as a Peacekeeper for the U.N., which explains his “other” office location. Not a criminal act, she thought, but crime sure seemed to follow him around. His brother is high up in the Ugandan government, and he has another brother on the other side of the law back in Cote D’Ivoire.  He has a computer science degree… Margie had to sit down on the floor after beginning the next report: about a year after the video incident – his home town was raided for child sex trafficking. Seventy-three people were indicted, including several government officials.


“Wow,” She breathed to herself.


Margie wondered how involved Dingleberry was in Romeo’s affairs, and how much did he actually know, about any of this.  And who sent that video?  And what was Micki and MJ’s role in all of this?


It seems Nancy Drew would not be deterred so easily…


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