Video Games and Virtual Worlds Carry Over into Real Life

8 years ago

There is conditioning that takes place when you play video games that carries over into real life.   Perhaps the common depiction of "real" life versus "in world" or "in game" is deceptive and should be termed something more like physical life and virtual life. 

"New research suggests that virtual worlds sway real-life choices." writes Ewen Callaway in The New Scientist.  

A neuroscientist at Cambridge University, UK, the principal investigator in the study  Paul Fletcher notes, "I don't think this is evidence that video games are bad," says Fletcher,
a former gamer. "We just need to be aware that associations formed
within the game transfer to the real world – for good or bad."

Such a distinction would clarifiy that both virtual and physical worlds
are real; it is just that virtual worlds encompass the world of thought
and physical worlds encompass the world of the senses.  "Real Life" continues when one focused on a game or virtual world.  Virtual life exists in the mind when we go about our every
day lives.  Our thoughts do not have physical form yet comprise most of
what we would call our lives.   Our thoughts, interpretations, and the
pattern of those processesis involved in every moment of our waking lives -  we are our thoughts.   

 If you have any interest in how videogames shape your children, yourself,  your spouse, friends, and our culture as a whole I encourage every reader to check out the The New Scientist article.

 We are what we think.   We cannot control what anyone else does in game or online but we can realize that as parents, spouses, and citizens that we have choices about what we teach, model, and encourage and that informed choice is just as significant in games and recreation as in work and education.  



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