On the Verge of Death

5 years ago

When I was a little girl, my younger sister and I wrote short stories that we often acted out.  We liked to think of them as mini masterpieces.  We recorded some of them on cassette tapes.  We did our best imitations of various accents and frequently made our little brother a part of our “radio shows”.   He wasn’t always a willing participant.

It was hilarious!

And still is, all these years later.  I recently came across one of those old cassette tapes and played it for my teenage daughter.  We laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes.

I have many fond memories from childhood and most all of them include my younger sister.

What follows is a story that my sister penned when she was ten years old.  I typed it below exactly as she wrote it so that you get the full effect of her story.

I remember the very first time I read it, years ago.  It is just as funny today as it was back then.


On the Verge of Death

                                                                          By: E

I decided to take a trip to Britain last year.  While flying I used the bathroom.  While in the restroom there was this rumbling noise. When I got back to my seat I looked out the window and saw there was an electrical storm.

The next thing I knew both engines went out and we were losing altitude.  Then the pilot said we were heading for water.  Being 30, I was too young to die.

But, it had to come sometime.

It happend.

We hit the water.  I was terrorized!

Water started coming in everywhere.  People did everything they could to stop it from coming in.  I was for sure I along with other passengers would die.  I said, “There’s got to be a way out of here”.  Would we find it?

Time passed.

People died.

Was I next?

Could anyone save us or find us in the water?  If I live through this horrifying moment, I will never take a Delta plane again!

I looked up.  There was a window in the top of the plane.  The waters were moving above me.  For the time being I was safe in the plane.

I was too frantic to go to sleep.  I feared I would not awaken.

Soon, I got more and more fatigued.  Then I fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke I was unsure where I was.  It came back to me!

I was in a DELTA plane several feet under water.  I asked myself, “is this nightmare going to end?”  I became frantic.  I looked for something that would help me escape.

There was no use.  Nothing there to help me.

I just sat wondering if I would die.

There was a rumbling sound above me.  It was a boat!  Someone had to be on that boat.  Maybe they could help.

I had a flare gun in my suitcase.  I shot it through the window in the roof.  Then, I plugged the hole with a blanket.

They sent someone down.

We were rescued!  Me and my suitcase.

They rushed us to the nearest hospital, and told me my suitcase was soaked and I was lucky to be alive.

I was released within a few weeks.

My stay in the hospital ran up my bills.  Discover was breathing down my neck.

I did learn one thing from all this:

Don’t fly Delta and don’t use a Discover card.


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